Are you ready to gain a working knowledge of the power that lies within you? 

If you are on a spiritual path and looking for ways to engage your Spirit more deliberately, so you consciously and continuously improve your life; you’ve come to the right place.


My programs help you take the steps from self to God. From exhaustive efforting to the ease and grace of spiritual guidance. From dependence on the intellect alone to a provable reliance on a power and love greater than anything external to you.


Using spiritual insight, metaphysical interpretations of scripture, application of universal spiritual principles, specific exercises, case studies, and “how-to’s,” you’ll learn to stop the cycle of lack, limitation, and suffering so you reach deep connection with the power of your indwelling Spirit. 


When you take firm hold of God’s Spirit within you, you start into action spiritual power that opens you to a life of peace instead of inharmony, trust instead of fear, strength instead of weakness, abundance instead of lack, health instead of sickness, faith instead of doubt, love instead of criticism, or jealously or injustice.


You’ll find it is totally possible to build and maintain an internal, spiritual confidence, competence, security, peace, and success unlike any you’ve ever known. 


Here’s a quick peek at my programs for your spiritual enrichment


Spiritual Growth Studio –
$29.95 Monthly Membership

Join this online learning community for awakening your Spirit and expanding your consciousness. Build an inventory of spiritual principles to master the circumstances of your life.

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A Spiritual Blueprint- $99

A 5 part video series to help you put an end to the struggle, stress and fear about your prosperity. Use these 5 spiritual power tools to activate the spiritual law of increase and follow their road map to an extraordinary life.

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Prosperity Proficiencies for You – $19.95

This 4-part video series is filled with dynamic spiritual proficiencies you can begin to use today to “Principle-ize” your life for success. Get this clear and simple interpretation of the hidden mysticism in each story that will radically transform your spiritual journey. 

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Spiritual Counseling

What’s troubling you and keeping you up at night? While spiritual counseling can take many forms,  Spirit-led counseling is rooted in the belief that Spirit is at the center of all healing. In a confidential appointment, I’ll show you how to meet your challenge utilizing spiritual principles and affirmative prayer. How will it feel to gain some spiritual support, and much needed relief and peace of mind? Schedule a private session today.

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Epic Prosperity

Master Class 

If you dream of “staring” in your own life, Epic Prosperity, will put you on your own grand stage. It’s all about becoming the creative director of your own exceptional life. The lessons build an infrastructure of wealth consciousness within you that gives you all you will ever need to create a life of abundance. With more than a dozen video lessons and step-by-step actions for making meaningful and lasting changes, you’ll discover how to activate the spiritual laws of increase that build a solid, unshakable, foundation of prosperity and fulfill all your heart and soul long for.    

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At we believe in learning to use the universal spiritual principles to help transform your life and circumstances in positive ways. We do not believe in get-rich-quick programs. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results with our ideas, information, tools or strategies. We believe it takes prayer, right thinking and positive action to succeed in life. Your results are up to you and the amount of effort you are willing to put in. We just want to help by giving great content with practical steps. We feel this transparency is important and; we hold ourselves (and you) to a high standard of integrity. Thanks for viewing our products and programs and know that you are in our prayers for abundant blessings of health, wealth and happiness.

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