The Gathering

Join the live session each week on Monday’s at 10:00 am Pacific time.

The Gathering is a message of spiritual inspirational and metaphysical interpretation of scripture with a practical application for your life.


Add in connecting conversation and it makes for a great way to start your week as well as advance your spiritual growth.

Meet Cherie!

I am Cherie Larkin ~ international teacher, minister, and spiritual mentor. For more than four decades, I’ve been teaching people how to tap the divine potential within them, so wild success and amazing accomplishments become their “every day” way of life.  
When I see people struggling, feeling helpless and hopeless, living with every kind of difficulty, I want to give them the tools I have found that defeat those soul-eroding habits. 
My lessons gather wisdom from new-thought and metaphysical teachers and include a unique interpretation of scripture. Coupled with real-life stories, I show you how to connect with Spirit and how to apply the principles, so you create all the wealth and well-being you desire and deserve.
Couldn’t it light up your life to have the proven spiritual tools that create more abundance?
 I invite you to join me. 
Stay blessed! 

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