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  • Why not let life begin to just work for you?

  • Discover how the correlation between universal spiritual principles and the timeless teachings in the Bible can empower your success. 

  • Acquire an internal spiritual competence, security, and peace unlike any you’ve ever known. 



Go beyond “Mindset” efforts alone to a “Spirit-set” partnering with God

Welcome! I’m Cherie Larkin, a Unity minister, spiritual mentor, and teacher of the Mindset+Spirit-set paradigm. I teach universal spiritual principles that lay out a new spiritual paradigm of success for your life.

Are you deeply spiritual and committed to honoring your spiritual roots...yet want to expand into a greater understanding of universal spiritual principles so you learn to use their power to optimize your life?  If so, my work is for you.

My Mindset + Spirit-set process shows you how to use and direct universal spiritual principles, so you go beyond “Mindset” efforts alone, and move into a “Spirit-set” of partnering with God to optimize your greatest potential.

Using stories from scripture or case studies, I introduce a human desire or challenge that relates to everyday life. Then I introduce a spiritual principle, show what it is designed to do, how and why it works, and, most importantly, how you can apply it in practical ways using Mindset + Spirit-set so it immediately begins to transform your life and circumstances.

My students are able to move out of difficulties to ultimately rise into great blessings. Beliefs in inferiority, unworthiness, or inadequacy can be dissolved and replaced with confidence, assured faith, and peace of mind. Feelings of shame, guilt, anger, sadness, resentment, regret, or bitterness can be healed never to return. Love can be restored. Loss can be recovered. Lack can turn to plenty and illness to health. Fear can turn to faith and hope can produce miracles. Life just begins to work easily and effortlessly.

Learn to use the principles with the Mindset + Spirit-set process and you’ll never have to go back to the way your life was before. You’ll hit your stride, a stride of wonderful success and good fortune, because you will have captured the know-how to work cooperatively with the power and presence of the Spirit of God within you. You’ll be competently equipped to meet life joyfully unafraid and secure.

No matter what your background, personal beliefs or circumstances may be, I assure you that you can ultimately heal more quickly than ever before, see struggles disappear as if they never happened, and finally experience your dreams being fulfilled in very beautiful and divine (often surprising) ways. 

It is within your ability to acquire your own internal spiritual confidence, competence, security, and peace about your life unlike any you’ve ever known. 

Are you ready to champion your best life?

Meet Cherie

Cherie Larkin works with people from all walks of life as the spiritual principles she teaches are universal and equally available for every sincere seeker’s benefit.

Ordained by Unity School of Christianity in 2000, Cherie had already been applying and ‘proving’ Mindset+Spirit-set principles for many years prior to her time in professional ministry. She has coordinated her experience into a new paradigm which creates and maintains lasting results.

Today, Cherie has taken her message online at to address the need for deep spiritual connection in the application of universal spiritual principles. She finds that many of the spiritual teachings currently emphasize Mindset and Law of Attraction while neglecting the vital connection to and inclusion of Spirit. She has created her lessons to be much more than just another ‘fulfillment stopping-off place’ as she is committed to helping people unleash the miraculous power of their Spirit, so they gain great and lasting proficiency in creating a fulfilled life.

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Live the higher consciousness of an awakened life

Are you someone who 

  • loves learning spiritual growth and mindset strategies, human potential teachings, and metaphysical interpretations of Scripture to enrich your life?
  • seeks to replace empty, unfulfilled feelings with greater purpose and fulfillment?
  • still struggles to achieve and maintain prosperity, harmonious relationships, satisfying work, or vibrant health even with having the right mindset?

Would you like to

  • pinpoint the source of your problems so the happy, productive life you seek could come quickly?
  • eliminate fear about your life so you would feel secure, peaceful, and unafraid about what lies ahead?
  • consciously summon the power of Spirit to activate the creative abilities that lie within you waiting to optimize your life?

Are you ready to

  • apply an inventory of spiritual tools that will help you create and sustain a partnership with Spirit?
  • be on a spiritual path of discovering new knowledge and perspectives as you learn about the higher consciousness of living an awakened life?
  • gain the know-how to completely transform self-defeating inner beliefs like: unworthiness, inferiority, inadequacy, fear, guilt, shame, anger, and bitterness which are preventing you from living the life you want?

Spiritual Growth Studio


Learn to tap universal spiritual laws to awaken your spirit and create an extraordinary life!

Let me show you how!

Look around inside the studio. You will find self-paced lessons that quicken your sense of the presence of God and feed your hunger for life to be happy and meaningful again. 

If you are a fan of metaphysics, quantum physics, mind power, spiritual growth, and human potential, then you’ll love the studio.

There is a vault filled with more than 80 video and audio lessons, prayers, meditations and inspirational posts all power-packed to offer you wisdom, insights, tools, and encouragement for living a fulfilled life.

Instill a way of thinking, feeling, living and being that alleviates fear, worry, lack, sickness and suffering.

Open to healing, prosperity, and true transformation. Open to an awareness of God’s loving presence in you and all around you.

New lessons, posts, and video conference meet-ups are added each month. Form deep friendships in our Facebook community as you share your transformation.

Get started on your spirit-awakening journey today. Feed your soul and set your heart a glow! 

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"I have found a spirituality that fits what I have believed all my life. I feel like I’ve “come home” and I’m studying everything I can get my hands on. Cherie has helped me get rid of losing attitudes by turning them into more constructive, winning beliefs."

Linda Koochoo, Sacramento, CA

"I can’t believe how many times I listen to Cherie and she shares an insight and spiritual solution for exactly what is going on in my life. After 60 years I can say, I finally feel absolutely comfortable with who I am and who I’ve become. I encourage you to visit Spiritual Growth Studio to study the life-transforming teachings you’ll find there."

Jessica Ayala Asheville, NC

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Transform your life and circumstances

Revisit your spirituality with an open heart and find its power to positively transform your life and circumstances. This teaching is not about giving you any power you do not already have. You do not need any so-called “secrets.”

It’s about providing you with the knowledge and tools to dissolve decades of self-defeating inner thoughts, so you amplify, optimize, and direct your inherent spiritual abilities to improve the quality and beauty of your life.

It’s not an instant process, but it is a for-sure process. When you first learn the teachings, it may feel like you are making a U-turn with an ocean liner rather than a speed boat.

Stepping through the door to a spirit-awakening journey will deepen your faith, expand your belief, create optimism, and provide ways to help you attract abundance, a healthy body, a distinguished career, and happy personal relationships...while you quit attracting painful experiences, lack, misfortune, and difficult people.

Start today to consciously summon the power of Spirit and live more powerfully in your world.

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