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Look around inside the studio. You will find self-paced lessons that quicken your sense of the presence of God and feed your hunger for life to be happy and meaningful again. 

If you are a fan of metaphysics, quantum physics, mind power, spiritual growth, and human potential, then you’ll love the studio.

There is a vault filled with more than 80 video and audio lessons, prayers, meditations and inspirational posts all power-packed to offer you wisdom, insights, tools, and encouragement for living a fulfilled life.

Instill a way of thinking, feeling, living and being that alleviates fear, worry, lack, sickness and suffering.

Open to healing, prosperity, and true transformation. Open to an awareness of God’s loving presence in you and all around you.

New lessons, posts, and video conference meet-ups are added each month. Form deep friendships in our Facebook community as you share your transformation.

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"I have found a spirituality that fits what I have believed all my life. I feel like I’ve “come home” and I’m studying everything I can get my hands on. Cherie has helped me get rid of losing attitudes by turning them into more constructive, winning beliefs."

Linda Koochoo, Sacramento, CA

"I can’t believe how many times I listen to Cherie and she shares an insight and spiritual solution for exactly what is going on in my life. After 60 years I can say, I finally feel absolutely comfortable with who I am and who I’ve become. I encourage you to visit Spiritual Growth Studio to study the life-transforming teachings you’ll find there."

Jeanne Garrett, Dallas TX

Meet Cherie

CHERIE LARKIN is an international teacher for the advancement of consciousness. For more than four decades Cherie has been showing people just like you how to use universal spiritual principles to create a secure, happy and fulfilled life. Follow her teachings and you’ll be led on a spirit-awakening journey where you’ll dissolve your feelings of fear and worry; break through the barriers that hold back manifestations; and achieve a high level of personal effectiveness resulting in inner peace, happiness, freedom, and prosperity. Widely recognized for her unique and powerful interpretation of scripture, she is one of the most listened-to voices for creating an extraordinary life.

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The journey into the mystery of God is a journey into the deepest parts of yourself. Spiritual Growth Studio  was created in response to this yearning. Its purpose is to awaken, allow and advance the fullness of the Spirit of God within you.

We use Scripture as a companion to enrich your journey. The genius of the Bible stories is they mirror your own human consciousness. For some, it may take some time to let go of the negativity that has been projected onto God and the Bible but; if you come with a "beginner's mind," you'll find hidden in the figures and their actions a remarkable relevance to the purpose and success of your own life. 

You'll discover the teachings point to your intrinsic oneness with God. They will help you sink the taproot of your heart deeply into your divine identity, where you'll learn to draw upon it as a reliable and absolute Source. 


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