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Awaken the Spirit of God within you and unleash your miraculous power to live an extraordinary life.

Become the amazing person your soul senses.

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Here's a Quick Peek of the Studio…

Spiritual Growth Studio is an online learning center for awakening your spirit and transforming your life.  Create your best life with our powerful spiritual teachings filled with wisdom, insight and love. Gain the understanding and the practical tools to deepen your mind, body spirit connection so you live a fulfilled life.

You’ll find a vault filled with more than eighty video and audio lessons, prayers, meditations, and inspirational posts help you shift your belief from fear to faith.

Positive, practical interpretation of scripture stories and spiritual principles are explored and made relevant to your daily living so you become equipped to unlock your most extraordinary life.

Metaphysical interpretations of the deeper messages hidden in sacred text provide heart-opening wisdom to navigate life successfully.

Each lesson is illustrated with colorful, personal stories or case studies making them fun to watch and easy to grasp.

You’ll have spiritual teachings at your fingertips so you can binge watch anytime. 

Your Membership Includes…

A new video lesson is added each month. Each lesson includes:

  • overview of a spiritual principle
  • belief-building affirmation
  • prayer
  • spiritual practice
  • quick-reference summary of key points

A blog post is included each month that expands on the featured monthly lesson. You’ll receive added insights, tips, strategies, or practical how-to’s to help you integrate the teaching into your daily routine so you create a joyful, abundant life.

A live meet-up with Cherie on a group-conferencing platform once a month. We’ll share the featured monthly lesson and how we are using it in our daily lives to manifest our dreams. You’ll want to join in for deeper dialogue with time for Q&A. Each meeting is recorded so, if you cannot attend live, you’ll have access to listen at your convenience.

Access to the private Spiritual Growth Studio Facebook community, where we form a collective consciousness of peace, wisdom and power and; together build an on-line sanctuary of love.

Your Spiritual Mentor…

Cherie Larkin, Creator of Spiritual Growth Studio, is an international teacher widely recognized for her unique and powerful interpretation of universal spiritual principles.

Merging the wisdom teachings of the ancient masters with modern day spirituality she is one of the most listened-to voices for creating an extraordinary life.

Inside the studio, Cherie offers beautiful, soulful lessons and spirit-awakening practices to consistently deepen your connection to the divine. As she shares metaphysical teachings, you'll learn how each spiritual principle is designed to work, why it works, and how you can use it to enrich your life.

Ordained by Unity School of Christianity in 2000, Cherie has helped thousands of people awaken to their most authentic self.

Improve your health, happiness, prosperity and peace of mind  with this inspiring collection of lessons created by this gifted minister and teacher.

This is what I’ve always believed.

Cherie’s unique and powerful interpretation of scripture is rich, relevant and practical. The blend of eastern and western teaching fits what I have believed all my life and feeds my soul. It feels so good to have something to nourish my Spirit again. I didn’t realize how empty and detached I was feeling, just going through the motions each day on auto pilot. Now I feel like I have something I can turn to that inspires me with purpose and passion. I’m watching everything I can get my hands on!

-Mark, Boston, MA

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Eight modules filled with spirit awakening lessons

Each lesson calls you into a real, tangible, active relationship with the divine.

Get Spiritually Fit

In this first module… You’ll delve into a variety of universal spiritual principles of healing, abundance and love and build a mindset for a life that thrives. Learn what each principle is designed to do, how it functions and how you can use it to become your most productive, magnificent self. 

You’ll find video lessons that…

  • Uncover the power of divine intelligence to handle situations with ease
  • Reenergize your body with improved physical, mental and emotional health
  • Gain manifestation steps to open new pathways of prosperity
  • Find the courage to leave your comfort zone and manifest the career you love
  • Awaken the most amazing love at your core to draw loving relationships into your life

Prayer And Meditation

Prayer and meditation are at the heart of advancing your life. Time spent in quiet reflection with the divine will vitalize and empower you for a wonderful life.

In this module, use these prayers and meditations to…

  • Leave behind stressful feelings of emptiness, sadness, anxiety, and overwhelm
  • Firm up healthy thought patterns of love, peace and joy to boost happiness
  • Regain hope and optimism and rebuild your faith in the possible

Go Deeper

Here you will find dynamic, soul-engaging intensives that provide in-depth understanding of a master teaching. Be prepared as you study for brilliance, provocative insights and passionate words that speak straight into your soul and advance your consciousness.
  • Discover the spiritual symbolism in names, places and events in sacred text and what they mean in your life
  • Receive step-by-step instruction to replicate the power of a master teaching
  • Tap the power of your mind to strengthen belief in abundance and success
  • Learn specific strategies to persist in fulfilling your fondest dreams

Case Studies

Hear how real people use real principles to make real change to get real results and; how you can do the same.

Learn to keep Spirit as your constant help through any change, nurture your heart with prayer, and move forward with confidence knowing you are being guided in the right direction.

  • See how others apply spiritual principles successfully to real world situations
  • Learn how your experiences can be changed by spiritual principle to create amazing outcomes
  • Learn the strategies others used to find new jobs after being fired, new love after divorce, new life after illness, new prosperity after loss, new faith after disappointment

Inspiration On The Go

Listening and learning is a powerful way to advance your understanding. These featured audio messages recorded “live” by Cherie feel like you are seated right in the audience in an intimate presentation of “timeless” spiritual truth.


Put on your headphones and listen on the go!


  • Discover the un-hurtable spirit within you that steadfastly endures through any adversity
  • Learn to turn challenges into victories
  • Discover healing principles to restore health
  • Gain the tools to rise above a flood of challenges

Life Affirming Thoughts

Your attitudes, words, actions and quality of life all start with a thought. Use these power-thought drills to shift your mind-set.

  • Banish old, worn out beliefs that have never worked but have held you captive to a life of mediocrity
  • Blast out of problems with these meditative power drills (I call them “sweat your prayers”)
  • Plus+ they feel good!

Spiritual Insights

Stay up with the latest thoughts and happenings about living a spiritual life with these informative blog posts filled with  insights, tips and strategies.
  • Inspiring articles with practical how-to’s for your daily routine
  • Gain tips to align your life with your true desires

New Releases

Check-in often for regular new releases of programs with specific curriculum that keeps your learning exciting and fresh. You’ll find positive, practical, inspirational and relevant wisdom you can apply to lead a full and happy life.

What’s included in my monthly membership?

Each lesson calls you into a real, tangible, active relationship with the divine.

 Access to everything in the studio – over 80 video and audio lessons.

 A new wisdom teaching is added each month.

 A blog post that expands on the featured monthly lesson.

 A live online meet-up with Cherie.

  A private Spiritual Growth Studio Facebook community.


Start Your Spiritual Awakening Today!  

$29.95 per month

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Yearly - Save $60
$299  per year

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Change your life for the better...forever!

I wanted to change jobs, but I was afraid because I thought I couldn’t make any money doing what I loved. Using the spiritual principles of love and persistence gave me the courage to trust. I began scheduling myself as a wedding photographer on weekends and now I am building my business, my belief, and my prosperity. One day soon I’ll be a full-time photographer!

-George, Chicago, IL

Our Guarantee

We want happy, engaged students. We want you to be sure Spiritual Growth Studio is a perfect fit for you. If you are not convinced of the incredible value contained within Spiritual Growth Studio, simply cancel your monthly membership and no further charges will be applied.

There are absolutely no conditions or “Fine Print”. If you are on a monthly subscription, just log in to your account and cancel. Your membership will conclude at the end of the month in which you cancel.

We hope you love Spiritual Growth Studio and find the content deeply enriching. If so, you don’t need to do a thing. Once enrolled, you will automatically receive new monthly content and be billed at $29.95 per month.

If you purchase an annual membership, you are welcome to explore the content for 14 days after which there is no provision for a refund. 

You may refer to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for full details.

Start Your Spiritual Awakening Today!

$29.95 per month

Yes, I want to SIGN UP NOW!

Yearly - Save $60
$299  per year

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