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Q: What is Spiritual Growth Studio?   

Spiritual Growth Studio is an online subscription that guides you on a spirit-awakening journey. Every month you receive inspiring content to align your thought life with spiritual truth so you can be continually transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). In a Mindset + Spirit-set paradigm, the lessons pair universal principles with Scripture and you experience firsthand the impact the power of your mind combined with your Spirit has to transform your life and circumstances. You’ll also have access to connect with our private Facebook group and join me for live online trainings. Plus, you get exclusive discounts for private prayer sessions and special offers on new courses.


Q: What's included in the monthly membership?

  • Featured Monthly Lesson - complete with a spiritual principle, prayer, belief-building affirmation, and spiritual practice. 
  • Live Online Meet-up - Connect with Cherie for Q & A and an expanded teaching.
  • Spiritual Growth Studio Library - A vault of self-paced lessons, prayers, and meditations archived for you. Search the modules to find just the right inspiration. 
  • Membership Portal - Easy access to all content, whenever you want.
  • Spiritual Insights Blog - Bi-monthly posts with added insights for ongoing enrichment.   
  • Enlightening Moments - A private Facebook group filled with an amazing community of like-minded friends to share insights, encouragement, and create new realities. 
  • Welcome Series - Be introduced to Spiritual Growth Studio with these suggested starter lessons.    
  • Special Pricing - Discounts on private prayer sessions with Cherie and new courses
  • Cancellation Policy - There’s no obligation. You can cancel your membership at any time.


Q: What if I want to cancel my membership?

We want happy, engaged students. We want you to be sure Spiritual Growth Studio is a perfect fit for you. If you are not convinced of the incredible value contained within Spiritual Growth Studio, you may cancel your membership at any time and no further charges will be applied.

Annual Subscriptions - If you select the annual subscription and then decide the Spiritual Growth Studio isn’t for you, you can cancel within 7 days of purchase by contacting us at [email protected]. Upon cancellation, you will be refunded the purchase price and your access to the membership content will be suspended.

Monthly Subscription - If you select the monthly subscription and decide the Spiritual Growth Studio membership isn’t for you, you can cancel anytime by contacting us at [email protected].  Canceling the membership prevents your payment method from being charged in any future month. For example: If you cancel on any day in the month of November, you will not be charged in December. You’ll continue to be able to access and benefit from the membership to the end of November. 


Q: Is Spiritual Growth Studio for me? 

You have an extraordinary ability to determine, achieve, and maintain optimal levels of intelligence, mental health, peace, prosperity, love, and happiness in your body, mind, and Spirit that can powerfully impact the course of your life.  However, just as there are scientific physical laws that govern the physical universe, there are spiritual laws that operate to optimize your life as a spiritual being. Spiritual Growth Studio provides a study of these spiritual laws and gives you the steps to implement them. If you are ready to make profound shifts in your consciousness to embody and live an authentic and empowered Spirit-led life, the lessons will guide you. 


Q: How do I access my Spiritual Growth Studio membership?

Everything is in your membership portal and can be accessed from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. As long as you’re a member, just log in with your personal ID and you will have access to all the videos, audios, prayers, meditations, and more — for the current month AND all previous months.  And to make it super easy to stay consistent with your spiritual growth, I send a bi-monthly post right to your email inbox to encourage and support you. Plus, you can join our private Facebook group, Enlightening Moments, to find your tribe and ask questions, share your 'aha' moments, and have fun!


Q: How much of my time will it require? 

All the lessons are self-paced, and most take thirty minutes to study thoroughly. They are designed to be shorter so you can watch one when you may have just a little bit of time or, you can watch several in one sitting. It’s up to you! Our online monthly meetup is scheduled for 30 -45 minutes depending on the discussion length and number of questions, and each is archived for your review. You can watch the lessons, practice the exercises, read the emails, and connect in the private Facebook group whenever you want, as often as you want. Spiritual Growth Studio isn’t a course or workshop—there is no schedule; it’s a path for your spiritual growth and expansion of your consciousness. The beauty of having your own digital library to do that is that you can watch all or part of a lesson, pause it, then resume it whenever you like which makes it easy to stay on track. You can’t fall behind.


Q: What if I can’t finish all the content each month?

All the content is permanently stored in your digital library. It will be there waiting for you! You can go back to any of the material at any time and listen, read, watch, pray, or practice whenever you want. It’s helpful if you’ve studied the monthly lesson before our online meetup, but it’s not required. Little by little, lesson by lesson, persistently and consistently you’ll gain the tools to access the spiritual dimension of healing, wisdom, and love where truly profound change occurs for you.  Far from feeling like you can’t keep up, I feel you’ll look forward to each month’s lesson because, no matter what’s going on in your life, in a beautiful and divine way, you’ll find the lesson will arrive at just the right time and be filled with exactly the spiritual encouragement you need in the moment.   


Q: Is Spiritual Growth Studio right for me? I’m not really a religious person.

Whether you have a well-loved faith tradition or none, whether you’ve been following spiritual teachings for years or are brand-new to walking a spiritual path, the teachings are based on universal principles that are “inclusive and honoring” of all people and faith traditions and give everyone some essential techniques to create an extraordinary life. Yes, the underlying spiritual principles are linked to the timeless, spiritually rich teachings in Scripture, but I trust you’ll discover how closely the characters and events in the stories mirror the unfoldment of your own human consciousness and find a remarkable resemblance and relevance that will advance the growth of your own soul. The concepts you learn will greatly accelerate your Spiritual journey and, over time, you’ll build an inventory of universal principles that will help you attract abundance, vibrant health, professional success, a distinguished career, and happy personal relationships; while you quit attracting difficult people, misfortune, and painful experiences.


Q: How is the Bible utilized in the teachings in Spiritual Growth Studio?

The Bible contains so many narratives, characters, emotions, and events.  It is the story of human effort, human victory, and human failure that cannot be divorced from the context of our human experiences. It is the story of the evolution of humankind from Adam-consciousness to Christ-consciousness.  And, with the advent of quantum physics, some neuroscientists believe that mind (or consciousness) underscores the Biblical narrative. They tell us that from a world of pure potentiality, we essentially create realities with our minds by the choices we make. This is the teaching I emphasize in the Mindset + Spirit-set paradigm. Each character, symbol, or event in Scripture has a mysticism that, when studied, offers up a secret for how to align your thoughts with your Spirit so you link with the original creative mind through which all things have their existence and through which all things are made.  What a wonderful way to fashion your life, yes?


Q: What if I don’t have a spiritual practice right now?

Spiritual Growth Studio membership is for anyone who has or wants to have a spiritual practice. All you need in order to start is the desire to learn. The monthly lessons provide you with the structure of a lesson, belief-building affirmation, and prayer, and walk you through a spiritual practice that’s easy to learn and maintain. 


Q: I’ve been on my spiritual path for many years; will Spiritual Growth Studio have anything to offer me?

Definitely! The Spiritual Growth Studio membership will enrich your life and help you to embody new depths of connection to your Spirit using the Mindset + Spirit-set paradigm. Living a Spirit-led life is not a linear journey. For too long we have emphasized Mindset ignoring the deeper parts of ourselves where the real love and power reside, and true transformation takes place. By embracing the Mindset + Spirit-set paradigm you’ll tap into the mystical power of higher consciousness and expand in ways you could not imagine.


Q: How will Cherie be involved in the membership?

I join you in every recorded lesson and will be present for all online meetups. Plus, from time to time, I’ll surprise you and pop into the Facebook group for a spontaneous lesson or heartfelt chat. 


Q: Can I hire Cherie for a personal session? 

I offer private prayer support sessions. You can schedule one by contacting customer service at [email protected].

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