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7 Spiritual Principles for Creating Abundance...

Let Wild Success Become Your Way of Life!


Whatever dream lives in your heart, isn't it finally time to have it in your life? 


🕯️ Prosperity works for others, but not for me.

Instead of trying so hard to make everything happen on your own, I’ll show you how to partner with Spirit, so you immediately begin to achieve amazing results.


🕯️ It’s not spiritual to want to be rich.

While the acquisition of material possessions is never to be regarded as an end in itself,  abundance in your life is part of God’s plan for you. Let me show you how to power up your belief about what’s possible for you.


🕯️ People don’t prosper doing the kind of work I do.

Your work may be one channel of supply, but the Divine is the Source of all your prosperity and is unlimited in ways and means to prosper you. Could you benefit by learning to tap the riches within you?



The Divine is Calling You. . .

Let Go of these Prosperity Myths


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Discover the 7 Spiritual Principles of Prosperity to Build an Abundant Life

Welcome Series

Let's Get Started with the BIG Picture

Doesn’t it make sense to have an overview of the course and the 7 spiritual principles of prosperity that will build prosperity proficiency and proof into your life? Hear how to get the best results from the lessons; how I got started on my prosperity journey; and where you are headed... spoiler alert, you’re headed to the life of EPIC Prosperity you desire and deserve! 

Module 1: Expansion

Sculpt a Prosperous Life

Won’t it be an exciting challenge to become the creative director of your own exceptional life? Set the miraculous powers of your mind in motion and bring under control the rogue thoughts you have allowed into your mind that are producing lack and keeping you stuck in a life that is less than what you want. You’ll forge ahead with a new intention to prosper.   

Module 2: Belief

Beliefs for Wild Success 

“I believe, help my unbelief.” Words we have all spoken. Could you benefit having a proven way to build rock-solid belief? Here's a  fabulous process to move off your plateau of unfulfilled potential caused by unbelief. Can you feel the relief in learning to believe again? Won't it be satisfying to live with assured faith as you grow beyond the one thing that interferes with your manifestations. 

Module 3: Release

Excuses Be Gone. . .  Good Riddance 

Isn’t it time to give up your rationalizing and "what if" excuses, so you break the fixation spell of lack? Aren’t you ready to rise up out of the bed of hurt and loss you’ve been lingering in? I’ll give you 3 essentials to build the courage to start over and try again. You’ll ask yourself what’s really important and then step forward in faith to live your life around your answer.

Module 4: Circulation

Jump Start Unlimited Supply

What’s missing or what you’re running out of is lack talk. What if instead of seeing your prosperity as constantly escaping your grasp, you put it in circulation and increased it? Could you benefit from the know-how that creates continual supply? Any belief there is only so much will be replaced with the skill to manifest supply that is steady and always more than enough. 

Module 5: Persistence

One Spiritual Law You Must Know

Weak, half-hearted wishes aren't strong enough to move Spirit or to manifest anything. I’ll share this easy 7-step formula for stick-to-it-tive-ness that will strengthen your manifestation powers. You’ll develop your confidence to the point where you go ahead with your plans in the positive knowing that at the proper time God will tap at the door with your fulfillment.  

Module 6: Sabbath

Be Still and Know in the Presence

The quiet mind brings rich results. When you’ve done all you can do, it’s time to let go and rest in the Presence. Can you see how holding tightly to your desire to manifest it; and, at the same time abandoning it into Spirit requires skill? Learn when and how to let go of personal striving, so the operation of spiritual law can take over and bring you amazing results.  

Module 7: Multiplication

A Master Method for Manifestation

Would you be happy to have a proven process to increase your prosperity? This module shares a master teaching where Jesus demonstrates the method for creating continual and abundant supply from seemingly nothing and out of nowhere. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to learn his process? Uncover your spiritual power for increase.


Plus! Get these HOT BONUSES!

Bonus 1

4 Online Meetups with Cherie

We’ll create a sacred space exclusively for EPIC Prosperity students to share spiritual insights, wisdom, conversation and love. We'll explore ways your journey can go deeper, get your questions answered, and interact with those who are growing spiritually and creating an extraordinary life. 

Bonus 2

3 Guided Meditations by Cherie

Meditation for Finding Your Ideal Job
Meditation for Guidance
Meditation for Miraculous Prosperity

Three recordings you can listen to again and again to turn your mind and heart to positive outcomes. 

Bonus 3

Wealth Proficiencies For You

What's your Prosperity IQ? Take this self assessment followed by key prosperity beliefs designed to enrich your consciousness of abundance. Find out how many you live by now and how many you are growing into. # 3 and # 7 are my go-to favorites. I'm still working with #10. 


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"My confidence has sky-rocketed and my sense of well-being has increased to the point where I happily move through each day feeling equipped to handle whatever shows up. Since I started using her teachings, I’ve made a successful career change and I feel assured I can continue to create a beautiful life."

My Confidence Has Sky-Rocketed!
- Dr. Sheila

"Cherie is extraordinary. A woman devoted to helping people transcend their limitations, access their potential, and truly live a life that thrives. Listening to her messages kept me inspired as I changed over to a plant-based diet. Now, at age 75, I’ve released over 139 pounds in two years, I am off all medications, and I’ve just published a book about my story. "

Cherie is Extraordinary!
- Esther L. Sacramento

You have arrived at the right place if you want to. . . 


Gain greater access to the spiritual dimension of healing, wisdom, prosperity and love given through beautiful, soulful lessons and spiritual-awakening practices.


Stop long-held, soul-eroding habits so you move beyond fear and suffering to experience happiness, security and success.



Special Fast Action Bonus! 


60 minute 1:1 Private Intensive with Cherie


Be one of the FIRST 10  enrollees in EPIC Prosperity and you will receive a 1:1 private intensive with Cherie via ZOOM video call. 


Receive a spiritual reading to start and then explore your unique consciousness of abundance to truly understand where you are excelling and where your life can be enriched. There will also be time to discuss anything on your heart.  


Sessions will be scheduled 30 days after enrollment for those actively enrolled in the course. 



EPIC Prosperity Masterclass


My complete 8-week, step-by-step training course walks you through 7 proven spiritual principles of prosperity so wild success and amazing accomplishments become your way of life. I literally take you by the hand and equip you with the tools you need to demonstrate a reliable and consistent flow of abundance. Nothing is left out. It’s the quickest, most effective way to gain the prosperity you desire and deserve!


- Welcome Series

Be introduced to EPIC Prosperity with these 4 starter lessons to gain the most impact from the course.


- 7 Modules, 40 Powerful videos

10+ hours of inspirational, soulful content that gives you the know-how to bring your desires from the invisible realm of Spirit into visible reality in your life. Just imagine yourself living your new lifestyle of abundance in the next 30-60-90 days.    


- Companion worksheets

 Done-for-you summaries that capture the essentials of each lesson come complete with an affirmation, scripture, actionable item, and a place for personal reflection so your entire learning experience is enhanced.  


- Amazing Bonuses

Bonus #1 Four Online Meet-Ups with Cherie
Live video sessions with Cherie will drill down on the lessons to make sure you stay inspired, get your most pressing questions answered and gain clarity about each lesson (so there's no reason to stay stuck)!
Bonus #2 Guided Meditations with Cherie
Three guided meditations recorded by Cherie take you into a deeper realization of prosperity that equips you to fine-tune your spiritual guidance while you master your manifestation skills.
Bonus #3 Wealth Proficiencies for You 
This digital booklet guides you through a self-assessment to discover your prosperity IQ then gives you the key proficiencies to strengthen and raise it.  



- Private EPIC Prosperity Facebook Group

Gain access to our private Facebook Group where you’ll get support, feedback and major encouragement from like-minded individuals who are committed to living in prosperity.  


- Limited Time Fast Action Bonus: 60 minute 1:1 video call with Cherie

*Limited to the FIRST 10 enrollees! My consultation will provide a spiritual reading and give you clarity about how to get unstuck. A custom strategy of next best steps will be designed for you including which spiritual principle to emphasize to move forward to a more prosperous life quickly.   


- Course Portal

Easy access to all content 24/7 from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. The course is delivered over 8 weeks starting with the welcome series and then one module per week with 4 to 5 videos in each module.


  - Special Pricing

 Discounts on private sessions with Cherie and on new courses. 


 - Lifetime Ownership of the Course

You’ll have lifetime access to the training materials so you can go through the lessons each week as they are released in the student portal, or you can slow things down and review the lessons at your own pace. Return to them again and again to refresh and re-energize yourself as you master the spiritual principles of prosperity!   




EPIC Prosperity Masterclass

🕯️The Entire EPIC Prosperity Course with 40+ video lessons  ($1,875)
🕯️4 Online Group Meetups with Cherie @ $397 ($1,588)
🕯️3 Guided Meditations recorded by Cherie ($199)
🕯️Wealth Proficiencies Assessment Tool ($47)
🕯️Private Facebook Group ($197)
🕯️60-minute 1:1 Private Intensive with Cherie ($597) 
* Private Intensive is limited to the first 10 enrollees during the Covid-19 stay-at-home time.


TOTAL: $4,503

Your Masterclass Special Price: $875



We Share Great Ideas, Great Stories, Great Success! 


A few things my students have been manifesting.  .  .


+ part-time job with perfect hours

+ tutoring from a private chef

+ improved eyesight

+ change to a plant-based diet

increased income

+ 8 free golf lessons

+ more harmony in their marriage

+ 6-month gym membership

+ fast sale of home

+ peace of mind



Let Wild Success Start Now! 

Choose the payment plan that works best for you

One Time Payment


A Savings of $100

Those who pay in full usually get the best results because they invest the most up front


3 Monthly Payments


Per Month

$325 x 3 totalling $975



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My Promise to You. . . 


I want happy, engaged students. It’s my promise to you that EPIC Prosperity will give you the tools you need to create a life that you love. And if by day 14 after enrollment you are not convinced of the incredible value contained in the Course, you may request and receive a full refund. And, as a gift from me to you, you can still keep the bonuses. Can you see the merit in stepping forward to increase your faith and belief so you transform your life and circumstances? You have so much to gain and nothing to lose.


Whether you’ve been on a spiritual path for a long time or are new to the journey, I meet you where you are and show you how to uncover the amazingly wonderful capabilities of the divine within you.


"EPIC Prosperity is a must have how-to guide for building a rock-solid consciousness of abundance that will serve you for a lifetime. "

- Vicki E.

"Spiritual principles are the bedrock of a life that works.  Cherie is wonderful at teaching these principles. I no longer get trapped in unhealthy thought patterns. When stressors show up, I’m equipped to handle them with ease and grace."

- Dale S. Sacramento

"Now in my 90’s, I was outliving my money. My bills were too much for my income. I was in debt and my home was in foreclosure. I applied for a reverse mortgage but thought my age, credit, and lack of equity, would disqualify me. I’ve long been a believer in a positive mindset, but adding spiritual power into the mix opened ways where clearly there seemed to be no way. Miraculously, my loan was approved. Now, I’ll live out my days in a home I love! If you are ready to drop your fear and worry and build the empowered life you want to live, Epic Prosperity offers the tools to help you do it. "

- Jack A.

Have Additional Questions?

I want you to be sure that EPIC Prosperity is absolutely right for you. Get all your questions answered here.

EPIC Prosperity is an online digital video Course that guides you on a spirit-awakening journey to build and enrich your prosperity. Every week for 8 weeks you receive inspiring content to align your thought life with spiritual truth so you can be continually transformed by the renewing of your mind (Romans 12:2). The lessons pair universal principles of prosperity with Scripture as well as real life situations so you learn to use the power of your mind combined with your Spirit to advance into greater and greater prosperity.

You may log in with your personal ID.  Everything in your portal can be accessed from your computer, tablet, or smartphone. At the end of 8 weeks, all the content will remain in your portal and you’ll have lifetime ownership.

The beauty of having your own digital library is that you can watch all or part of a lesson, then resume it whenever you like. All the lessons are self-paced, and most take thirty minutes or less to study thoroughly. You can’t fall behind.  Lesson by lesson, you’ll gain the tools to increase prosperity, abundance, wisdom, and love. I feel you’ll look forward to each module because, no matter what’s going on in your life, in a very beautiful and divine way, the lessons will arrive at just the right time and be filled with exactly the spiritual enrichment you need in that moment.

The Bible is the evolution of humankind from Adam-(human) consciousness to Universal (Christ) consciousness.  It’s the evolution of your very own soul’s growth. Each character, symbol, or event in Scripture has a mystical purpose that, when studied, offers up a spiritual path for living your most magnificent life. You'll love discovering aspects of yourself in each story. 

Whether you have a well-loved faith tradition or none, whether you’ve been following spiritual teachings for years or are brand-new to walking a spiritual path, the teachings are based on universal principles that are “inclusive and honoring” of all people. They offer the essentials for creating an extraordinary life. Yes, the underlying principles are linked to the spiritually rich teachings in Scripture, but I trust you’ll discover how closely the characters, symbols, and events mirror the growth of your own consciousness. You’ll find a remarkable relevance that will help you attract abundance and success while you quit attracting difficult people, misfortune, and painful experiences.

I offer private spiritual counseling sessions via Zoom video call. You can get details and schedule a session by contacting customer service at [email protected].

We want happy, engaged students. We want you to be sure EPIC Prosperity is a perfect fit for you. If you are not convinced of the incredible value contained in the course, within 14 days of enrollment, you may request and receive a full refund.  And as a gift from me to you, you can still keep the bonuses. You’ve literally got nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Contact us at [email protected].  

There is a divine plan for your life wrapped up within your soul... it's time to let it out! 


Make the power of Spirit the backbone of your reality so you live in:

Peace instead of stress

Strength instead of weakness

Abundance instead of lack

Health instead of sickness

Trust instead of doubt

Confidence instead of insecurity

Faith instead of fear

Love instead of hate


Beloved. . .  you who are reading these words, to you goes my blessing with a prayer that, as you watch, listen to, and study the lessons in EPIC Prosperity, you may enter into the holy of holies where all in your life may be made glorious.   ~ From my heart to yours. . . Cherie 


Meet Cherie!

I am Cherie Larkin ~ international teacher, minister, and spiritual mentor. For more than four decades, I’ve been teaching people how to tap the divine potential within them, so wild success and amazing accomplishments become their “every day” way of life.  
When I see people struggling, feeling helpless and hopeless, living with every kind of difficulty, I want to give them the tools I have found that defeat those soul-eroding habits. 
My lessons gather wisdom from new-thought and metaphysical teachers and include a unique interpretation of scripture. Coupled with real-life stories, I show you how to connect with Spirit and how to apply the principles, so you create all the wealth and well-being you desire and deserve.
Couldn’t it light up your life to have the proven spiritual tools that create more abundance?
 I invite you to join me. 
Stay blessed! 

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