You’re about to learn the secrets that most people will never know about manifesting their desires.

Get these top 5 manifestation strategies to create the life you want!


Here's your opportunity! No matter what your personal circumstances may be at the moment, everything can change. You'll train your mind to positive, optimistic thought patterns and extraordinary things will start to happen.

I’ll teach you the exact steps to attract the life you have longed for and deserve.

Put an end to negative thinking and old behaviors that have never worked but have held you captive to a life of mediocrity. Replace them with proven manifestation steps so you don't have to keep fighting for the life you deserve. 

Gain the very best tools to greatly compound the effectiveness of your manifestations, and create the good fortune you desire.

Let these amazing manifestation strategies help you...

  • Find new love after divorce

  • Build new prosperity after loss

  • Leave behind the stress of an insecure financial future

  • Re-energize your body with vibrant physical, mental and emotional health

  • Overcome stressful feelings of emptiness, anxiety, and overwhelm

  • End self-sabotaging habits that slow or delay your manifestations

  • Have the successful, luxurious life you deserve

  • Become the happiest person you can be



Get these 5 video lessons loaded with spiritual tips and strategies and create a completely new reality for your life.   

Lesson 1: Magnetize Yourself to Prosperity

Discover one big reason your desires may not be showing up and; find out what might be blocking them. All ancient spiritual laws of abundance contain this process. If you try to skip this first step, it will be difficult to manifest your desires. But, you’ll open the way for your prosperity to come quickly when you take up this practice.   

Lesson 2: Let Your Dream Breakthrough

This manifestation power tool will amaze you. It works to assist your desires in crossing over from the invisible, unseen realm into the visible, physical realm of form. This must-know secret can produce miraculous outcomes. It will prove to you that when you get definite with the universe about what you want, the universe will get definite with you.

Lesson 3:
Fast Track It!

Use this strategy to accomplish your long-range goals in half the time. Be empowered to overcome fears, insecurities, and self-imposed limitations that cause your manifestations to fail. Watch outdated, unwanted, and harmful thought patterns vanish while new robust patterns of success take their place.

Lesson 4: Imagine the Possibilities

If you are not actively picturing what you do want in a constructive way, you may be unconsciously picturing what you don’t want in a destructive way. Stop offering proof of all the ways you can’t succeed. Use this spiritual tool for just 5 minutes a day to train the picturing power of your mind for awesome results.  At the same time, find out why losing interest in your dream can be a good thing.

Lesson 5: A Few Mistakes Beginners Make

Discover seven ridiculous beliefs that interfere with almost everyone’s success and learn how to side-step them. Release a lifetime of habits that have produced lack and replace them with dynamic tools you can use to end self-sabotage as you draw more happiness into your life.

Special Bonus Material!

Bonus #1 The God Box

Do your prayers go unanswered? Is there some worry stressing you out? Here’s an easy, fun spiritual practice that will relieve your anxiety, provide peace of mind, and resolve your conflicts. So, stop grasping for answers and learn to get out of your own way so a solution to any persistent problem can slide right in. Give it a try!


Bonus #2- A Spiritual Blueprint eBook

Follow the lesson material with a digital eBook to enrich your study.  You’ll find:

  • A summary of the key points in each lesson for easy review

  • The spiritual principle underlying the manifestation strategy

  • An affirmation to support your success

  • An easy spiritual practice to help you integrate the strategy

  • A heartfelt prayer to bless and encourage you

  • Twenty bonus affirmations to increase your abundance and success


Meet Cherie...........

Cherie Larkin is a spiritual teacher, mentor, and minister here to help you discover the power within you, so you create a wonderfully fulfilled life. For more than four decades she has been helping people all over the world transform and heal their lives by tapping into the power of universal spiritual principles. Widely recognized for her unique and powerful teachings of proven practices that create positive breakthroughs, she is one of the most listened-to voices for learning how to manifest greater abundance!   

About this series...

A Spiritual Blueprint offers concrete instructions for bringing wonderful things into your life.

5 bite-sized lessons are illustrated with colorful, personal stories making them easy to grasp and fun to watch.

Each manifestation strategy is broken down so you can do it with confidence — even if you’re totally new to the concepts.    

The accompanying digital eBook will enrich your study and build your knowledge gradually. 

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This is your chance to discover the secrets for creating an amazing life. I’ve done everything I can to help you learn EVERYTHING you need to know to build these 5 must-have manifestation strategies into your life. Use them to achieve your dreams and to build a solid, dependable, mindset for manifestation that will serve you all the days of your life.

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