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prosperity Jun 30, 2020

A few days ago, I got an email from someone who was having trouble letting go of control — especially when it came to certain outcomes she really wanted in answer to her prayers. 

She said, "Cherie, I don't know how NOT to be attached to the outcome my heart is so set on.” 

I get it.

Detaching from a desired outcome does not come naturally to us, especially when it’s something we really want. But we can learn to let go from a place of faith. 

But first I want to be clear about one thing. While detaching is essential, it doesn't mean you don't take action. There are several steps you take before you let go. 

In my masterclass Epic Prosperity! you’ll learn to clarify your desire, release any blocks around it, and build up your belief, all as part of a spiritual process that will move your desire from the invisible realm of Spirit into visible reality in your life.

Then, after you have done all that you can do, in Module 6, Be Still and Know, I show you what to do to let go so you bring the all-providing power of God to bear upon your desire. 

It is an exceptionally beautiful process that I hope you will bring into your daily life.

For now, put aside your need for a few moments. Feel yourself enter a peace that confirms your desire has already been met in Spirit.

In perfect union with God, there is no lack.

Have faith in God’s plan for you. Let your understanding pass into knowledge and knowledge into a consciousness of the spiritual power within you that moves mountains.

Give thanks that you are always strong, steadfast, immovable, grounded, and rooted in a faith that continually does its perfect work for you and through you to bring about your highest good. 

The Spirit of God knows your needs and is even now fulfilling them. Philippians 4:19

I'll be teaching much more in EPIC Prosperity!

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