When getting well feels like a BIG ginormous thing

healing Oct 13, 2019

Healing your body takes some faith

The only thing is some people are afraid they don’t have enough faith. They feel their belief isn’t strong enough to get well, especially when facing something BIG. 

Still others can feel lost when they hear they need to develop faith to get well. They are unsure about how to develop it and not at all sure this “spiritual stuff” really works.

Close Enough

I love the story in Mark 5:25-29 of the woman who was finally healed after being ill for many years.    

The woman had a BIG ginormous illness and, had tried every remedy and spent all she had trying to get well, yet was no better. She heard about the healing power of Jesus and went to see him but; she had to push through a crowd to reach him. When she got close enough to touch the hem of his garment, we’re told she “felt in her body” that she was healed in that moment.

Is immediate healing really possible?

It is important that your desire for healing be continuous and deep. The woman in the story represents the part of us that deeply longs to be healed. She is unnamed, because her desire to be whole is universal in all of us. 

Jesus represents the Christ Spirit that lives in each of us. It’s not Jesus, the man, who does the healing. The woman connects with the Christ Spirit and unleashes a miraculous power. Jesus himself confirmed it was her faith that made her well.

Can your faith make you well? 

As the woman in the story did, we may find at times we need to boldly push through a “crowd” of people to make conscious connection with our indwelling Spirit. The crowd can represent what I like to call our “thought-people.” They are the crowd of fears, doubts, uncertainties, anger, and discouragement that can block our connection to Spirit and interfere with our healing. 

Restored to wholeness

I love that the woman only “touched the very edge” of the garment yet was fully healed.

This reminds me we don’t have to have 1,000% faith to achieve connection with our Spirit. We don’t have to have 1,000% belief we can be healed in order to get well. We don’t have to conquer every fear, dissolve every doubt, or banish every uncertainty. 

Like the woman, we can find our way to the edge of the Christ Spirit within and receive healing. In just one touch, every barrier to the attainment of healing can be dissolved. 

The spiritual principle of life

I was once hospitalized with pneumonia. I was given round after round of antibiotics, but nothing was working. The situation became quite serious and; I felt afraid I might not survive.

I began to pray calling on the spiritual principle of life. I repeated the words, “I am life.” “I am life.” “I am life.” over and over to activate the life of the Christ Spirit within me. 

Eventually, something within me clicked. It was as if a batch of tumblers clicked into place all at once and; I knew with absolute certainty in that moment, I was healed.

It took three days for my fever to break and my physical body to catch up to the healing life I had “touched” in my Spirit, but I “felt in my body” I was healed in that moment.   

Moment by moment you can take the steps from self to God

There is within you at all times, under all circumstances, in spite of conditions, a Presence that is all powerful and all-knowing. It is stronger than any human strength, greater than any condition or circumstance.

You can trust it to guide you in every situation for it sees all things in their right relation and has the wisdom to bring resolution to your every care.

It is not bound by earthly dimensions, is not limited by human ideas, is not burdened by matter or material laws. It is the very energy and essence of God, expressing in you, through you and for you. It lies waiting to be accessed by you.

When you perceive it, you sense a power so mighty that you are lifted above all pain and suffering. All difficulties are removed, and life is fully restored because. . .When you touch the Christ Spirit of your being, you give it full opportunity to heal you. . . mind, body, and soul.



Be blessed my friends with vibrant health,


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