What’s Your Prosperity Brand?

spirituality Jul 14, 2019

You are your own prosperity brand. 

You may not have a shoe company, a cement business, a restaurant or even a logo but; you are a brand. 

Your life is your brand. 

Start today to brand your life with something really good and powerful about yourself. 

Choose an attribute of happiness or prosperity like:

  • abundance
  • generosity
  • thankfulness
  • service 
  • grace 
  • love
  • enthusiasm
  • joy 

Then make everything about you personally reflect that quality. 

Don’t be a wishful thinker

Don’t waste your mental and spiritual muscle dreaming of what could be. Don’t look outside yourself for an effective way to be more or to prosper. Your success comes from within you...from mastering the spiritual principles that produce it. 

Brand “you” 

Brand “you” with your own spiritual identity.  For instance, choose thankfulness. When people ask how you are doing reply, “I am so thankful.” Or “I have so much to be thankful for.” Then make all of your life and behaviors reflect gratitude. 

When people ask you to tell them about yourself, don’t respond, “I was born here, moved there, work at this….” Rather respond with your brand, say, “I am a person who lives in gratitude.” Or “I am a person who makes thankfulness a part of my life every day.” 

Maybe you’ll choose generosity as your brand. Say to yourself, “I am generous.” 

When people ask how you are doing, again, reply with the truth of who you are. Respond with a declaration of your brand, “I am feeling generous today.” Or, “I’m living with a feeling of generosity.”  Then let all of your thoughts, words and behaviors reflect a spirit of generosity. 

You get the idea. 

Live your spiritual identity as your brand. Express it so much that when your friends talk about you, they immediately mention your brand. 

They remark things like, “You know Sally, she’s so grateful all the time.” …or “Sally is so generous.” 

When this begins to happen you will know that your branding is becoming more and more successful. 

When things you’ve branded yourself with begin to line up for you effortlessly, you will know that your brand is working and, that it has begun to seep its way into every part of your life. 

My friend Gregory has a wonderful brand. He lives the word “Positive.” When you ask him how he’s doing, he replies “positive.” When you say, “Hey Gregory, what’s happening?” He will respond, “It’s all “positive.” 

Not only do you learn his brand very quickly, but as you can see here in this photo, he radiates a countenance of positivity. 

As you build your brand, you will become rich in consciousness with your chosen identity and the results will be that you will become the happy, prosperous person you have always wanted to be. 

Affirm for yourself

“I am prosperous. I am confident, assured and secure in who I am and whose I am. 

My life is a reflection and expression of _________________.” (Fill in your brand.)

Build your own spiritual identity. Don’t waste time dreaming of what could be. Learn to make your life a logo of something truly wonderful!   


Seeing your spiritual identity blossom, 




 p.s. Scroll down and join the conversation. What’s your prosperity brand?


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