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The Perfection Within You

spirituality Dec 24, 2019

Adapted from All Things Made New by Frances W. Foulks

There is within you a perfect pattern of what you are to be when you awaken fully to the likeness of God in which you were created. Though you may have trouble believing your magnificence or try to hide its beauty, though your intellect may try to deny its existence, never for a moment is the pattern of the Christ Spirit absent from your soul.

This pattern, which lies deep within you, holds for you all that the Creator is. Implanted within you is all the power and authority, the beauty, wisdom and love, conceived for you by the Creator from the beginning. It was implanted in your soul before you left the divine to come out into expression and; it remains with you eternally.

It may be forgotten by you or dimmed by disuse, but all through your life, through all your wandering and willfulness this perfect pattern has been present in you as the pattern you could follow to find joy, wholeness, prosperity, and success. 

This Christmas, it is my prayer for you that you awaken more and more to this perfect pattern of the Christ Spirit, within you. I invite you to feel yourself living from its perfection. Feel it within you as the grace and beauty, strength and wholeness, which the pattern is.

Take a moment now to quiet your mind.

Let go of any attachment to appearances or conditions that may be bothering you. Concentrate on the perfect pattern of Spirit within you. Practice feeling the presence of this perfect one within you.

Quietly speak this affirmation two or three times and; then be still for a minute or two.

I live my life from the perfect pattern of the Christ Spirit within me.

Allow yourself to feel the joy of this Truth as you envision your life as you would love it to be.

Do this daily for seven days and you will experience something wonderful.   

Every moment as you look to the perfect pattern within you and let it shine through you, you will find your life becoming more and more filled with love and peace, overflowing with goodness. 

  • Your body will take on a new wholeness and vitality.   
  • You will be able to draw on the inexhaustible joy of Spirit to make all sorrow pass into the nothingness from which it came.
  • Your life will become a continual stream of ease and success. 
  • All your needs and desires will be fulfilled in overflowing abundance. 

There is an inexhaustible Source of God within you that can never be depleted.   

As you stay centered in this presence, anything negative on your pathway will be dissolved, all temptations crossed out, and all tests passed triumphantly. Your entire way of being will conform to the perfection of the Christ Spirit.

As you constantly turn to this Spirit within and claim dominion, all the limitations of your personality or circumstances will be dissolved as the mist is dissolved before the sun, and you will be free – free to express the truth of who you are in God.

This Christmas let your soul awaken to the miracle that is Christmas and; may you live your most beautifully blessed and authentic life ever!

In touch with the divine:
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