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Sweat Your Prayers!

spiritual practices Aug 18, 2019

Somedays when my time for prayer feels short, I find it helpful to take my iPad to the treadmill where I read powerful affirmations while I work out.  

(Yes, I have to enlarge the font so it’s easy to read as I briskly walk my way to vibrant health.)

It’s a real faith enhancer and mood booster when I move my energy physically, mentally and... spiritually. It’s a total workout – spirit, mind, and body. 

One spiritual thought is more powerful than 10,000 negative thoughts.  What you think about and imagine all day long will eventually manifest in the circumstances of your life.  

Why not give a pattern of success to your deeper mind while you sweat your prayers? 

The thoughts you speak while in an energetic flow have tremendous power. 

Thoughts of peace, success, abundance, and right action sustained regularly and systematically cannot help but reproduce themselves in your life. 

Tune in to your spirit while you work out. Believe in your heart that no matter what it is you really need to bless you; the divine will respond. 

Here is a series of affirmations I work up a sweat over! Enjoy! 

I have a magnificent future! 

Every promise of God for the realization of my full potential is now being fulfilled. 

As I live in accord with the divine, I experience a dramatic increase in blessing. 

Every bad or difficult circumstance is converted to good.

Every obstacle, interruption, or delay to my success is shattered.

An end has come to every financial difficulty in my life. 

Through the power of God’s Spirit within me, I rise up in victory, a

conqueror of anything that would hold me down. 

All my days flourish with prosperity.  

I live in unspeakable joy! 

I have a magnificent life! 


Stay strong! 



p.s. Share your time-saving tip for prayer in the comments below.   


In touch with the divine:
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