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Spiritual law does NOT work to create the thing you want when you do this!

spiritual practices Jun 25, 2019

What is that you want? A new home, new job, more money, better health? Then drop the idea of your desire into the fertile ground of your mind and cultivate it.

The thing you want to accomplish is two-fold. It’s one thing to repeat affirmations of your desire now made manifest, but you must anchor the idea of your desire not only in your mind, but also feel it in your heart.

Spiritual law does not work for the thing you want while you are holding it solely in your head. Nor does it manifest when you are clinging to it only in your heart. 

Your desire is fulfilled when you condition your consciousness, the whole of your being,to receive it.

You see, your desires are seed-ideas that come to you from anywhere and everywhere. They float through the air looking for the right mental soil in which to land. The right soil is a consciousness that is open and receptive.

 Just as a vegetable seed to grow properly needs soil that is free of weeds; in order for your desire to flourish, it must have a mental soil free of opposing thoughts, resistance, or negativity. 

For many people, their most prevalent thought is worry...

and the whole brood of negative emotions that cluster around it like fear, uncertainty, depression, or impatience.

Planting a seed-desire in this kind of mental soil can kill it quickly. How then, if you’ve been a constant worrier, can you change your established way of thinking?

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “A man is what he thinks about all day long.” The problem is not with the seed, as Jesus taught in the Parable of the Sower, but with the soil.

Condition the soil and your idea will take root and grow to fulfillment. 

Remove the weeds of fear, doubt, and worry. It makes no difference how poorly things may be going in your life; your job is to keep things going right in your mind.

  • Plant your desire deep within you.
  • Love it with recognition.
  • Fertilize it with concentration.
  • Nourish it with faith
  • Activate it with your deliberate conviction of success

Fill your mind with thoughts of assurance, courage, determination.Surround yourself with a feeling of success and achievement. Radiate fearlessness, trust, optimism, and strength.Speak these words out loud right now and feel their power within you.

Once you let this trend of thinking and feeling take over, any worry weeds will die out from lack of attention. You will feel relaxed and turn toward joyful anticipation which will cause your consciousness to move in the direction of abundance and produce for you the thing which you specifically desire.

There are millions of people who never get beyond moderate circumstances because they are not conscious of the fabulously rich powers of the mind combined with the loving and creative powers of the heart.  But now you know the secret for setting spiritual law to work to fulfill your desire.

All power, all success, all riches, is in first thinking powerful thoughts, successful thoughts, thoughts of wealth and supply and then persistently feeling their reality within you.


Do this and there will be nothing you cannot do, be, have, or become.   


Stay blessed,




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