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Uncategorized Mar 18, 2018

The key called prayer
Adapted from James Dillet Freeman Prayer:

The Master Key Life has set me down in the midst of a mystery.

But life has given me a key.

The key is in my own mind.

The key may not take me to the end of the mystery, but it
takes me to the beginning.

Having begun, I can go on.

Having taken the first step, I can see to take the next step.


The key life has given me I call prayer.

You may call the key thinking.

Prayer may be thinking.

Thinking may be prayer.

Prayer, to me, is taking thought – but a special kind of thought.

Prayer is a thinking that is more like listening than like speaking.

Prayer is thinking that sets the mind free.

It does not tell the mind what to think; it asks the mind what to think.


Prayer tills the field of the mind. It plows and sows, it waters and weeds.

The mind itself brings forth the green and living thought out of its invisible depths.

For the shapeless is forever seeking shape.

The unseen is forever becoming the seen.

The unknown and unknowable is forever becoming the known.


Prayer is the process of mind by which the unknowable finds meaning and becomes a truth; the unseeable takes shape and becomes a thing of beauty, the immeasurable gains substance and becomes a matter of value.


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