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Radical Financial, Mental, and Emotional Restoration

spiritual law May 26, 2020

This is an unprecedented time. How do we get back to “normal” when so many are in need of radical financial, mental, and emotional restoration? 

I love the passage from Joel 2:25-26 that reassures us, “I will restore to you the years the swarming locust has eaten....You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied.”

When we move through tough times with an assured faith in good outcomes, we are more resilient. We adapt to changes more easily and bounce back from difficulties more quickly.

But to move forward now requires a change – not just a slight one, but a big change. It requires us to make a leap in consciousness in order to produce a totally different result.

We are each mystically made, sewn together by a spiritual thread. When we become willing to open to Spirit’s power of divine restoration, we surrender to a power and love that is always present to support us.

Here is a beautiful excerpt adapted from All Things Made New by Frances Foulks. I invite you to get still for a few moments, read it over, and let the words settle in to bless you.


There is with me every moment of every day a Presence that is all-powerful and all-knowing. It is a shining light that would guide me through every valley. It is a sustaining power that would lead me on to the very heights. It is a protecting presence that would shield me from all of earth’s alarms. It accompanies me night and day. It is itself such purity and joy that to realize this abiding Presence means vitality and wholeness in me. It is stronger than any human strength, greater than any condition or circumstance, more powerful than any personality. When I perceive it, I feel a love so divine that I am lifted above all fear and doubt and  difficulties are no more. I can trust it always to guide me for it sees all things in their right relation and has power to restore my life and bring all good to pass.


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In touch with the divine:
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