Proceed as if Success is Inevitable

spirituality Sep 08, 2019

I have a magnet on my refrigerator with an inspirational verse that reads: Proceed as if Success is Inevitable.

What we believe is important; and what we do not believe is equally important. We need to use both the power of affirmation and denial in our thoughts and prayers. And, there are times when we need to take a definite stand and say in the face of fear or doubt about some experience: I do not believe in you!

Even if you are a person with strong faith and a strong sense of God’s presence and power in your life, you may not be completely free from an occasional fearful thought, and you may need to use a strong denial to remove it from your life.

If you long to change jobs, start a new career, move to a new city but feel afraid to make the change, deny your fear. Say to the thought that change is something to fear: I do not believe it! God is with me through every change. I am on an upward path of success, supported by God’s loving presence. And then proceed as if success is inevitable.   

If you think of yourself as inheriting negative conditions in the health of your mind or body, or if you receive a diagnosis that something is incurable, stand firm in your faith and fearlessly say: I do not believe it! My inheritance is from God. I inherit only life and strength and health. I inherit only the perfection of Spirit. God is able to heal any and all disease and restore my body to its original pattern of perfection. And then proceed as if success is inevitable.   

If you feel unloved or alone say to yourself: I do not believe it! I am never alone, for I am forever one with God. God loves me with an everlasting love. Through the love of God, I am able to radiate love and happiness into the lives of others which magnetizes me to love in return.

If you are afraid of getting old, deny this fear by confirming: I do not believe it! The life of God within me is vibrant, ageless, inexhaustible, and eternal. My strength is continually renewed, and my youth is constantly revitalized.

If you are inclined to think that someone is working against you, that you are being treated unfairly, say to yourself:  I do not believe it! There is no criticism or condemnation in me, for me, or against me. I am under the spiritual law of divine love and justice and only good can manifest in my life. And then proceed as if success is inevitable. 

If you long to be free from some habit but feel that it is impossible to quit, declare: I do not believe it! Greater is he that is within me than he that is in the world. The Spirit within me is greater than any habit. Through the Spirit within, I take dominion of my life and, I am set free. And then proceed as if success is inevitable.   

If you watch the evening news and you are angry or dismayed by the thought that the world appears to be getting worse, boldly declare: I do not believe it! This is God’s world. All things are under God’s love and protection and there is nothing to fear. God is eternal, unchanging good and God is with us forever, our guide, our help, our peace, and our strength helping us create a beautiful world. And then proceed as if success is inevitable.   

Any time things do not work out the way you hoped, and you are tempted to give up, say to your doubts: I do not believe it! Even though I cannot see just how things are going to work out, I know that all things are working together for my highest good and for success, for God is working in me and through me. And then, proceed as if success is inevitable.

In every experience in life you have to take a stand. You have to have the courage to say to any fear or doubt: I do not believe in you! 

Have the courage to believe in God, in God’s power, and God’s goodness. Remember with God, all things are possible and that God’s power, wisdom, and love are working in and through you, empowering you with courage, strengthening and healing your body, enriching and blessing your affairs, and harmonizing and transforming your relationships.

To anything less than God or good, say fearlessly: I do not believe in you!  And then, you guessed it, proceed as if success is inevitable!



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