Prayer for Permanent Prosperity

spirituality Jun 30, 2019

Prayer for permanent prosperity through the miraculous power of the Christ Spirit

In today’s post, I have a powerful prayer drill for permanent prosperity for you.  

It calls on the miraculous power of the Christ Spirit to activate a flow of abundance in your finances. How wonderful is that?   

Open your heart to its transforming power...and watch in the hours and days that follow for miraculous shifts and positive results.  

As we begin...I invite you to sit up straight. This is a prayer drill. The words are directive and you’ll want your body, mind, and heart to be alerted to receive the full power.

Begin here. . .

Through the miraculous power of the Christ Spirit

I direct my financial wealth and well-being will begin this very moment to be increased significantly.

I further will that through the intelligence of the Christ Spirit this financial increase comes in ways that support my greatest well-being.

Through the power of the Christ Spirit, this increase comes now steadily, abundantly without conflict or complication and, it is maintained in the order and grace of Spirit.

Through the miraculous power of the Christ Spirit

I will that spiritual healing is brought to my beliefs about money. Any feelings of unworthiness, guilt, shame, anxiety, frustration, stress, greed or fear of not enough are right now dissolved.

They are replaced by an understanding of the unlimited goodness of Spirit. The goodness that is ready and waiting for all.

I recognize that my enrichment does not take away from the good of another because in the universal Christ consciousness there is abundant provision for all.

Through the miraculous power of the Christ Spirit

I live with deep respect, loving care and appreciation for all the resources of the planet. My saving and spending habits reflect an inclusive love for all humanity.

From a generous heart, I share my resources by making meaningful contribution to the lives of others so they, too, can experience the miraculous power of the Christ Spirit as supply for their needs and to fulfill their purposes and dreams.    

Through the miraculous power of the Christ Spirit

I direct this financial increase to continue.

It continues until I have reached a flow of income that routinely, easily, and abundantly meets the needs, luxuries and dreams of my life.

My purse, wallet, bank account, investment portfolio, and retirement fund, are filled to overflowing and protected in the safety and security of Spirit.

My daily living expenses and long-term financial goals are realized in a divine way, at the perfect time, blessing and enriching my life beyond measure.

Thank you, God. I am so richly blessed in your love.  

Sending abundant blessings to you today!


Stay blessed,


p.s. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds. Romans 12:2. 


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