Possibility Thinking for Unlimited Supply

spirituality Aug 25, 2019

Never say that you are on a “fixed income” or that you “only make so much” or that you’re “at the top” of your salary range. Those kind of statements can close you off from the universal flow of abundance that’s constantly trying to reach you. 

I know how easy it can be to think or say, “But those are just the facts, there’s just no way possible for any increase to come to me.” You may tell me something like: “You don’t understand, I’m already working three jobs and; I can’t work any more hours.” “I’m retired, my income really is fixed.” “I’m in a job that doesn’t pay enough, but I need to stay to have the health benefits for my family.” “I’m too old or too disabled to get a job.” 

Bigger Possibilities

How about beginning to think from bigger possibilities? From spiritual possibilities? How about thinking that, just maybe, the infinite intelligence of the universe might be able to find a way to get greater prosperity to you than you ever thought possible.  

There’s a lot of power in “possibility thinking.” It gives Spirit room to work in your life in unrestricted fashion...without having to combat you and all your certainties about how there’s just no way for any increased supply to reach you.   

Avenues of Supply 

You must not try to fix the channels through which your good can come to you. Trying to fix the channel is one of the ways you shut down “possibility thinking” and close off your supply. 

I like to think of “possibility thinking” as massaging a kink out of a garden hose. When I garden, sometimes the hose gets tangled and bent and the flow of water is restricted or stops altogether. The source of water is there, but it cannot get through. I have to find the kink, take the hose in my hands and, gently massage it or unbend it and reshape it until it straightens out and the flow of water returns. When I think of only “fixed” avenues of supply, it’s as if my mind “kinks up” restricting or stopping the flow of greater good.    

A basic secret 

You can begin to open your mind to the idea that your unlimited supply is sourced from God by massaging any kinks of disbelief and false certainties out of your mind.  

The basic secret of unlimited prosperity is this: God is the source of your supply and God has unlimited channels through which the riches of the universe can flow into your life. 

Moses reminded the Israelites of this when he said, “You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you power to get wealth.” Deuteronomy 8:18

An affirmation I love to use to keep a flow of abundance open is: 

I do not depend on persons or conditions for my supply. God is the source of my supply, and Spirit is continually opening new channels of prosperity to me. I am open and receptive to my highest good now

Affirm this even though to your human understanding you may not see any way for increase. Then watch for the ideas, opportunities, and events that come to you. The infinite intelligence of Spirit knows where your good is and how to get it to you, at exactly the right time.  So open your heart to trust and your mind to receive. 

No numbering system 

In her book What Are You, Imelda Shanklin makes a great point about the possibility of unlimited supply.  

“There is no numbering of the avenues through which supply may come to you.... Your resource is as far-reaching as the universe.... You are to expect your supply through all avenues of contact with life. Not from one specified point, not from two or more specified points; but from all points of the universe your good is crowding toward you.”

I love this idea that there is no limit to the avenues through which supply can arrive. Do not cut yourself off from the flow of substance in your life by thinking that it has to come in a certain way through certain stipulated channels. 

Yes, your supply can come to you through expected channels, in expected ways, and it should. But your supply can also come to you through unexpected channels, in unexpected ways. When you dare to realize this, Spirit will find a way to get an increase of good to you, often in happy and surprising ways! 

An affirmation I have used for years is: I give thanks that the universal spirit of prosperity is providing richly for me now.

This always seems to open new channels of supply from near and far. Give it a try! 


Abundant blessings! 



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