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Our God is love, our race is human, our faith is oneness. Unity!

spiritual practices Mar 04, 2018

Our God is love, our race is human, our faith is oneness. Unity!

Spiritual not Religious?

Do you say you are spiritual, not religious? If you are like me, you are spiritual and still very much want to feed and nourish the divine within you; but you want to do so in positive, practical, loving and relevant ways.  As we are deepening our spirit-awakening work together, some of you have asked about the Unity faith tradition.

A positive, practical spiritual path

I was ordained as a Unity minister in 2000 and have studied and practiced the universal spiritual principles taught by Unity for more than four decades. Unity truly offers a life-transforming way to live; a positive, practical spiritual path. 

We believe God is love. And in all the talk about racism, we believe we all belong to the same the human race. Our faith recognizes Oneness with God. You can read more about Unity at http://www.unity.org/.

World religions and philosophies

Recently, Rev. Jim Gaither, author of The Essential Charles Fillmore (Unity House,1999) offered the following comparison of world religions and philosophies to the Unity faith. I hope you find it as informative and inspiring as I did. I hope you find some clarity about what you believe and what feeds your spirit. 

Unity: A Practical Spiritual Path

  • Like Taoism, it offers a teaching on the Way of the Universe & how to align with It
  • Like Hinduism & Buddhism, it offers a path of meditation that promotes inner peace and consciousness of Oneness
  • Like Kundalini Yoga, it offers teaching on concentration on inner power centers
  • Like Zoroastrianism, it offers a path of “right thought, right word, and right deed”
  • Like Judaism, it offers a spiritually based way to prosper & like Essene & Kabbalistic Judaism, it offers an inner spiritual interpretation of scriptures
  • Like Islam and other religions, it has a daily prayer practice
  • Like Christianity, it affirms a morality rooted in love and forgiveness
  • Like “Primitive Christianity,” it offers a way of spiritual healing
  • Like most religions, it has a teaching on immortality
  • Like Western Philosophy, it offers a theory of metaphysics
  • Unity has spiritual psychology akin to Jungian psychology
  • Like Science, it has a method of experiential verification
  • Unity has a holistic perspective (epistemology)

There may be many paths to God, but there is only one God.

Rev. Gaither’s comparison summary confirms for me:  

Our God is love, our race is human, and our faith is oneness. Unity!

I invite you to take a tour around Spiritual Growth Studio to see if it can serve to feed your spirit and help you grow in your connection to the divine.


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