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One Thing Spiritual Law Won’t Tell You

spiritual law Oct 27, 2019

It’s harvest time...

Have you heard the saying: You Reap What You Sow? 

Under the spiritual law of divine compensation, what you sow you shall reap; what you give out will come back to you.

 The Gospel of Luke 6:38 shares, “Give, and you will receive.” We’re reminded our gift will return to us in full measure, pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over it will be poured into our lap. The amount we give will determine the amount we get back.

However, there is something very curious about this spiritual law.

Spiritual law is in constant operation

Yes, you will reap what you sow and, very often, more than you sow; but rarely will you reap from where you have sown.

So, it’s best not to look for your return from the person or place where you have given it or, you could be wasting a lot of valuable time and energy, even setting yourself up to feel disappointed or resentful.      

Spiritual law constantly operates to bring you all that is your own. It makes no mistakes. Its ways to reach you are unlimited. The portion which rightly belongs to you will come to you. 

Your giving activates the spiritual law of compensation.

You want to give where the opportunity presents itself; give where you see a need and can happily fill it. Then open yourself to the infinite number of ways Spirit can compensate you in return.

You can give money or other resources, a smile, an encouraging word, a helpful hand, a job offer, or give in any number of helpful ways. 

But, you must not try to fix the avenue through which your giving returns to you. Trying to fix the avenue of return is one of the ways you can short circuit your good.

 John 4:35 confirms, “You will reap in fields where you have not sown.” 

When you give something to someone or to some cause, put away ideas like: “You owe me.” “After all I’ve done for you.” “I gave to you; now you give to me.” “Are you ever going to return the favor?”

Replace those thoughts with the understanding that you give, love, share, and serve because it’s your inherent nature to do so...because you love to give. You don’t give to get. Trust that spiritual law will respond to your giving “in kind.”   

A favorite prosperity blessings is: I give in love because I love to give.   

Put yourself in accord with the law

When you live from this spiritual awareness, you will be living from the authentic essence of your Spirit. You’ll be giving because you love to give and; you will put yourself in accord with the spiritual law of divine compensation which will cause plenty of loving goodness to return to you....full measure, running over, it will be put into your lap! 




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