Is it okay to pray for money?

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2019

Is it okay to pray for money?

Many people are offended at the mention of money in connection to God. You may believe it’s not right to pray for money. You may feel that you cannot call on God to enrich your life with greater prosperity, but you may desperately need to improve your financial well-being.

What’s your excuse?

You may have any number of reasons for being conflicted about God and are just a few:

  • You may consider money and things are part of the material world and not spiritual.
  • You may have been warned about making money too important.
  • You may have been told not to think about money, certainly not to discuss it.
  • You may consider money bad or dirty, even evil.  
  • You may believe money is hard to come by, difficult to understand or hard to manifest.
  • You may feel guilty or ashamed because you want money.
  • You may believe you are not worthy of financial blessing.
  • You may have prayed for money and not received an answer to your prayer.

As a result, you may have reservations about money, about God, about your worthiness. The truth is, money is necessary for the prosperous life you want and should have.

Let’s clear up an old idea.  

You may have heard, “Money is the root of all evil.” The idea conveyed in 1Timothy 6:9-10 is the love of money is “the root of all evil” not money itself. Money, in and of itself, is neither virtuous nor evil. Your heart can be either right or wrong with money or without money. It can be wrong by being immersed in greed or sick with worry. Your heart can be right with money by being immersed in generosity and good works.

Cultivate a great attitude toward money.

It is important to cultivate a great attitude toward your money.  Of course, prosperity is more than just a full bank account and the possession of material things. It includes having freedom, health, peace of mind, loving relationships, and time to rest, play and enjoy family and friends. It does, however, also include money and material things.  Let go of any idea that money doesn’t fit into the definition of prosperity. Let go of the idea that prosperity is bad or wrong for you.

All God’s creation.

Remember that God called all his creation good. That creation includes everything. Money, like all things, originates from the divine substance of God. It comes forth from the invisible realm as an expression of the divine energy and substance of God and; it expresses into the physical world as an instrument to be used for enrichment in your life.  

Why not begin to think of money this way?

If you think about it, you call on God to manifest many “things” from the invisible realm that you cannot readily see. Things like love, wisdom, and health. Are those “things” more spiritual than money? For example, when you are sick, you do not hesitate to pray for a visible demonstration of health. Wouldn’t you agree that health that remains in the invisible realm is of no practical benefit to you?

When you want to find a loving relationship or want to heal a problem in your marriage, you ask for love. Love is invisible. And love that remains unexpressed in the invisible realm can be of no benefit to you or to your relationship.  

When you want to solve a problem and need guidance in some matter, you pray for wisdom. Wisdom is invisible. And, any intelligence that remains unexpressed to solve the problem is of no help to you.

In the same way, when you need money, you pray for prosperity. Prosperity in all its forms is invisible. If it remains invisible, it cannot be used to fulfill any blessing in your life. It must be called forth into a manifest form or it's of no use to you.  One of the forms of prosperity is money.

Give yourself permission to prosper

Give yourself permission to know it is right for you to prosper. Divine provision and supply that remains in the invisible are of no value to you.  Begin today to call forth your prosperity in the form of money. No matter what the circumstances of your life may be, right now you can adopt an attitude, “There is prosperity for me!” Believe that God is for you.

Take a moment to affirm:

God is doing a perfect work in my life now, adjusting, blessing, and prospering me. Divine love foresees every circumstance in my life and richly provides new ideas, new courage, and visible daily supply. Divine love expressing through me now draws to me all that is needed to make me happy and my life fulfilled.

With me are riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity. My fruit is better than fine gold; what I yield surpasses choice silver…bestowing wealth on those who love me and making their treasuries full. Proverbs 8:18-21.


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