How to Heal Hurt Feelings

spiritual practice Sep 22, 2019

Ouch! Someone has said or done something that has caused you to feel hurt!

And while the actual experience may have happened a long time ago, for some reason, you can’t seem to let it go. You keep replaying it over and over in your mind. It zaps your energy, depresses your spirit and does nothing to add any happiness to your day.  Still you hang on!

Then, a well-meaning friend tells you to just “let it go,” and you lash out in response, “Of course I should let it go, but how can I, when I feel the way I feel?” 

Is there a way to be permanently free of nagging hurt feelings?

When Peter asked Jesus if he should forgive an injustice as many as seven times, I think he might have been surprised when Jesus responded to forgive as many as seventy times seven.

And without seeming out-of-place editing the words of Jesus, I always like to add something to his forgiveness  teaching. I like to add the words, “if need be.” In other words, “Forgive seventy times seven...if need be.”

Because, isn’t it true some hurts are easily and quickly forgiven and forgotten, but others can linger and take more effort to reconcile?

That’s where the Spiritual Law of Forgiveness can really help you. It can do more to heal and restore your life than almost anything.

To learn how to not be influenced by anger, animosity, criticism, or injustice is a tremendous feat. Forgiveness is one of the most powerful spiritual tools you can put into your tool kit for living life with the joy of a clear heart.

Dissolve hurtful feelings

Here is a spiritual practice I use to dissolve hurtful feelings. It takes some mental and spiritual muscle, but the rewards of peace, freedom, and reconciliation you will experience are well worth the effort! 

Call to mind an event that troubles you and walk through these steps to condition yourself with the forgiving perfume of love. Your heart, mind, body and the circumstances of your life will thank you for it.


How to Heal Hurt Feelings 70 x 7      

  1. The first 70 times you forgive, suspend any thought about the concern and take a step toward seeing through the belief that you can be attacked. Let love go deeply into your feeling center, healing and comforting every hurt. You cannot want for love because in the very center of your being complete and perfect love abides. Seventy times today, pause for a moment, call forth this wonderful love, and feel it penetrate through your entire being.
  2. The second 70 times you forgive, begin to see through any belief that you have been victimized. The power and presence of God is always with you and within you watching over you, guiding you, and protecting you. Seventy times today connect your conscious awareness to God’s abiding presence of safety and protection. As you do this, you will insulate yourself from any present or future wrongdoing, and past experiences will be reconciled, as well as any losses will be reinstated.   
  3. The third 70 times you forgive, release any feelings of vindictiveness into the radiance of the Christ light. Let the Spirit of God within inspire you to be loving in all that you think, say and do. Let divine understanding flow through you, freeing you from all unkindness. You cannot wish harm on anyone without setting up a stream of thought over which harm will return to you. There’s a little verse, “No man is an island, none goes his way alone. All that I send out into the life of another, comes back into my own.” Release the need to get even and let Spirit restore balance and equalize all concerns. 
  4. The fourth 70 times you forgive, feel compassion awaken within you. Seventy times today, release all thought of criticism, judgment, or condemnation. Cease thinking of things that arouse feelings of hostility or blame.  All things respond to praise and caring. Do something kind and generous for someone then feel the warm love of Spirit enliven your own heart.
  5. The fifth 70 times you forgive, you open to the divine problem solver. Seventy times today, recognize and call on the infinite intelligence of Spirit that knows how to best resolve this concern. As you look for answers, gentle whispers from the divine will be revealed bringing clarity, understanding, and right outcomes for all concerned.
  6. The sixth 70 times you forgive there is memory loss. By now you are forgiving with such abandon you find it difficult to even recall the circumstances of your grievance. Your forgiveness has either eliminated or rewritten the story where no one is guilty – not even you. Seventy times today, let love penetrate through your entire being readjusting your memories and healing all sadness and pain.
  7. The seventh 70 times you forgive, you are living from such a powerful a state of nonresistance, harmony, peace, and love that no harm can any longer come near you. You have come to know the beauty of your own soul and that of another you once regarded as “enemy.”  You restore your friend to a place of love and rest for a moment in this feeling as you are both healed.


Affirmation of Forgiveness

I love you; I bless you; I forgive you, and I release you to your highest good. As you love me, bless me, forgive me, and release me to mine. I am free and; you are free. I experience peace and; you experience peace.



In touch with the divine:
If you want to go deeper with today’s spiritual insight, take note of what word or phrase stands out to you. Be still for a moment throughout the day and feel its influence within you.



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