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How can you know if your gut feeling is right?

spiritual principles Jul 07, 2019

An $8,000 phone call... wouldn’t you love one? 

The phone rang. 

It was, JoAnne, an acquaintance of Mary’s. 

They belonged to the same professional women’s group. 

There were about 40 members in the group and, while Mary didn’t know Joanne well, she had chatted with her a few times at their monthly networking meetings. 

JoAnne was calling to reach out to Mary because she knew Mary had just gone through a divorce. She told Mary she had been on her mind and she wanted to “check in” to see how she was doing. 

As they talked, Mary related how different life was after divorce. There were so many things involved in going forward in a new life on her own. 

One of the things still on Mary’s to-do list was to get new health care coverage because she was no longer covered on her former husband’s plan. 

Shopping for a new plan had been quite involved, but Mary had made a decision on a plan and was ready to enroll. 

As they talked, JoAnne, who is a business strategy consultant, was able to share with Mary that she was eligible to apply for a reduced health insurance premium where she could save almost $600 a month over the plan she was about to choose.  

Along with some additional tax savings Mary would save about $8,000 a year.   

Out of the blue.

JoAnne called Mary “out of the blue” and Mary saved $8,000. 

They were not long-time friends. They had never met for lunch or dinner like friends do. They rarely sat together at the monthly networking meetings. 

JoAnne just had a “feeling” that she needed to call Mary. 

The truth is, when you follow your intuition, you are blessed or... you become an instrument of blessing. 

Spirit’s ways are like that. 

 “I just had a feeling.”  

We’ve all said that at some point about an event or a person. 

There is a spiritual principle of intuition. Intuition is the feeling that causes us to know certain things without fully understanding how or why. 

We experience strong inner leanings toward or away from people, situations, or future decisions that we cannot explain, and many times, those leanings prove to be correct. 

But how do we know this gut feeling is right? How do we learn to trust the guidance we receive from within? 

The Bible speaks often about seeking wisdom, and, we can fine-tune our receptivity to Spirit by spending time in prayer and meditation.  

Some people struggle with this because they have never actually sat down and prayed about anything. They don’t know how to go about it or if it would even work.  

Additionally, they don’t know what intuitive insight they are waiting for or how to listen for an answer. 

They tell me the only thing they would understand would be if God burst through the door said, “HEY! This is what you should do!” 

Here’s what I’ve come to understand that you may find helpful. 

The Spirit of God dwells with us and within us. The same Spirit lives within everyone and interconnects us to each other. So, when we pray, we are praying to the Spirit of God which lives inside each of us and within everyone.

And God has perfect knowledge of everything, an attribute called omniscience. 

God’s knowledge is not limited in any way. God is aware of all events that have ever transpired, are currently occurring, and will ever happen. 

God’s knowledge goes beyond mere events and extends to thoughts and intentions. God is also aware of every possibility, every eventuality, every imaginable outcome of any series of events. 

This ability, combined with God’s goodness, enables God to give the best possible direction to follow. 

So, next time you have a feeling, a hunch, or an intuitive insight... pay attention. 

Begin to “test” out what happens when you go ahead and follow that lead because... if you follow it, you just may find it brings immense blessings into your life or... it makes you an immense blessing in the life of someone else! 

Keep listening within, keep trusting, keep trying things out. You’ll increase your spiritual receptivity and gain a skill that will multiply the blessings in your life. 


Stay blessed,




p.s. When the Spirit of Truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth. John 16:13 


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