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Have an Enchanted Christmas

spirituality Dec 10, 2019

The birth of Jesus in the Christmas story is the birth of humanity’s best dream and highest hope. But none of it matters unless it gives birth to the Christ Spirit within you.

Each Christmas we hope to awaken more fully to this awareness of love. To do so, we must let go of all the analysis about God and “become as little children.” For a few days each year we’re invited to suspend our need to know…and to simply enter a world of enchantment.   

Personified Hope

A few years ago there was an adorable movie called: Enchanted. Gisselle, the main character, personified hope, faith, and innocence. She continually affirmed the good she wanted to see in her life and believed whole heartedly.

Yes, there was a nasty Queen and many trials; but our heroine never let external circumstances dampen her faith. If you watch the movie, you’ll see it’s filled with hope.      

Like Enchanted, the Christmas story is full of hope and powerful imagery that can help us prepare spiritually for an inner Christmas experience.

I invite you to check out my 4-part audio series, How to Have an Enchanted Christmas, to get the spiritual interpretation of all the characters in the Christmas story to really awaken your heart to the holiness of the season.

In this post, I want to look at the spiritual meaning of the angels.    


Visited by Angels

On two separate occasions an angel appeared before me. I did not try to solicit their visit, nor was I particularly distressed by any situation. They arrived as a total surprise to me.

The first time shortly after my father died, a cherub angel in a very big hurry appeared before me and said, “Your dad said to tell you that everything will be all right.” After which it flew out of the room at lightning speed. The whole encounter lasted only a few seconds.

The second time, an archangel stood at the end of my bed, not at all in a hurry, and leaned forward through a veil of white mist. No words were spoken; there was only a profound emanation of peace that washed over me, again, conveying to me with all the power of God, that everything would be all right.


Angels play a vital role in the Christmas story

Angels appeared to shepherds announcing the birth of Christ child. An angel appeared to Mary announcing she would give birth. An angel appeared to Joseph telling him Mary would give birth. And angels appeared to Joseph in dreams a total of five times to guide him. 

Angels are messengers of God. Out of the realm of all possibility (which Jesus called the Kingdom of Heaven) they bring messages. They bring divine inspiration and revelation directly from the mind of God into our minds, often as an emanation of light. 

As you are aware, Angels can show up in a variety of forms. Maybe you’ve received a message or encountered one as: an intuitive leading, a flash of insight, an aha moment, a divine solution, a hunch, or maybe you’ve met one in a dream or in its mystical form as an ethereal being.

The messages angels bring are never negative. Their messages are filled with hope, reassurance, love, and guidance. Both Joseph and the Wise Men were warned in dreams not to take some particular action that would have brought them harm. 

The Book of James 3:17 captures the essence of an angelic message as: “Wisdom from above that is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits...coming down from the Father from lights.”  Angels carry these messages to us.


True Love’s Kiss

In the movie, Giselle our heroine was alone in the forest singing happily when she received a message that revealed she would know her Prince by True Love’s Kiss.

That kiss became the sign she looked for to confirm her Prince. She followed the revelation and believed in it regardless of the obstacles she encountered until… (spoiler alert) she did meet her prince. 

Like Giselle, we want to cultivate the ability to receive divine guidance and also develop the faith to believe in the messages we receive. We also want to have the courage to follow what’s revealed.

Maybe you are dealing with a difficult circumstance – the stress of holidays, concern for a child, a healing challenge, a job change, or a difficult time in your marriage. You may be searching for guidance about the best way to proceed in some matter. 


Let me keep silence

Bonnie Day paints a beautiful picture for listening in the silence for divine inspiration in her work, Invocation

Let me keep silence while God’s healing peace pervades my spirit.


Let me bar the door on warring thoughts and find a swift release of fear’s oppressions.


Let me come once more into that “secret place” where shines a presence, beautiful and bright, timeless and limitless, wider than space, deeper than any depth, higher than height.


So shall I leave behind the futile rush of petty urgencies that vainly press against my spirit.


Anxious thought shall hush its clamor and return to nothingness.


Then, when the still small voice of love speaks clear, my waiting soul shall be attuned to hear.


In this beautiful invocation, we are invited to keep silent so our waiting souls can hear the voice of love.

Likewise, for a few days each year we are invited to enter this world of enchantment .   


Angels sing in you

The living Spirit of God, the Christ Spirit, is coming more and more alive in you! This Christmas, every time you see an angel, let the image be a beautiful reminder to hold the silence while God’s healing peace pervades you.

As you let yourself be still, Spirit will release its mystical power in you and reveal the answers you are looking for. 

You’ll receive a light, life and love that will perfectly fill every dimension of your being and; you will become empowered with the energies of Christ Spirit to carry out and accomplish what is revealed...and this, my friends, is positively enchanting!


In touch with the divine:
If you want to go deeper with today’s spiritual insight, take note of what word or phrase stands out to you. Be still for a moment throughout the day and feel its influence within you.

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