Fear of Not Enough...a Powerful Phantom!

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Meet “Fear of Not Enough!”

Fear of Not Enough...oh what a Powerful Phantom

He wears many masks and can take hold of us in gripping ways.

I took this photo of my friend, Joe, when we were visiting in Venice, Italy, in one of the amazing mask shops. 

I love it because he makes a really great Phantom, and, as you can glimpse in the background, there are hundreds of masks that can also represent the many disguises of “fear of not enough.”  

Do any of these drive you?

I’m not smart enough, thin enough, fit enough, rich enough, funny enough, tall enough, small enough, thorough enough, or strong enough. I don’t have enough faith, belief, patience, energy, stamina, willingness, health, money, time, drive, opportunity, support, know-how, skill, talent, ability, courage, wisdom.

Add your own here: ____________ .

All that “not enough” seems to boil down to one big Phantom belief that, if not checked, can turn to:

I am not good enough.” Ugh!

Don't let fear of not enough gain a choke hold

I spoke with a friend recently. She shared she had a pretty significant conflict with a co-worker. He had not honored their work agreement, withheld money she was owed and was saying bad things about her to others.

She felt very hurt and betrayed by his actions.

She loved her work.  She tried to forgive him. But as time passed, she began to question if she even still belonged with the company. She questioned her ability, her purpose, and her success.

“The Phantom of Not Enough” had moved in and had her in a chokehold.

You may have been hurt and be asking

You may have been hurt and, in the aftermath of the pain, questioned your self-worth or your purpose.  You may have asked:

  • Am I enough?
  • Do I belong here?
  • Am I any good at this, really?
  • Why haven’t I been able to achieve more?

Here’s an interesting thing about the prosperity of your life.

There is an Un-Hurtable Spirit within you

There is an Un-Hurtable Spirit within you and… you can access it.

It doesn’t matter if you have been cheated in a business deal, or you were betrayed by a good friend, or you betrayed yourself, or your body is betraying you with a debilitating illness.

Maybe, like my friend, someone is saying things about you that aren’t true, spreading vicious rumors trying to ruin your good name and reputation.

Certainly, those experiences are hurtful and can cause you to let in “The Phantom of Not Enough.”

And while I never mean to minimize any hurtful experience, I do mean to help you be free of the effects of those experiences.

I’m not asking you to deny that something harmful has happened to you

I am asking you to understand that the experience does not have any ultimate power over the Spirit of God within you.

Deep in your soul, you have an Un-Hurtable Spirit.

Isn’t it reassuring to know that there is a life within you that cannot be touched or harmed by outer circumstances?

Would it empower you to know that this life was in you before you were born and will be with you after you die?

It is your original innocence; your wholeness, your Spirit and your perfection. And, it can never be taken from you.

It’s beautifully affirmed in the Book of Jeremiah 1:5, 8,

“Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you.

Before you were born I consecrated you. Do not be afraid, for I am with you to deliver you.”

When you “get” this idea deep down inside of you that you have an Un-Hurtable Spirit, it frees you.

It allows you to:

  • Stop looking at yourself as a person with histories, hurts and wounds.
  • Start contemplating yourself as an opening through which all the potential of Spirit can be released.

You are a unique expression of a cosmic beauty

You are created in the very image and likeness of God.

You access that beauty, power, and strength when you wake up in the morning and consecrate your life to the sacred.

When you start your day dedicated to the sacred it does something very interesting. 

  • It compels the interest of your Soul for things of beauty and love.
  • It leaves no room for thoughts of fear of not enough.
  • It creates a cycle of thought in you that forms itself around that which is authentic, whole and alive.
  • It turns the millions of thoughts that flow through your awareness every day into a pattern of high resolve.
  • Your energy is lifted into one of the “many mansions”… into one of the many dimensions of the unified field of awareness and you gain access to dynamic strength and resolve.
  • Any hurt is dis-integrated, requalified so that you can be you! Undamaged, never diminished, pure, holy, true, beautiful Un-Hurtable you! 

As you consecrate your life to something sacred on a regular basis… beyond your hurts, sadness, and suffering; beyond the mistakes you’ve made; beyond any failures… The Phantom of Not Enough cannot come near your dwelling place.

Your highly charged thoughts of pure Spirit will cast him out and keep him out for good and your life will be transformed and prospered!   

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