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Do you have anxiety over unpaid bills? Here’s help

spiritual principles Jul 28, 2019

That sinking feeling 

When you have a lot of unpaid bills, I image it can make for a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach.   

When creditors call and past due notices show up, about the last thing you want to hear is someone telling you to just “think differently.” 

The truth is, there is a spiritual principle of abundance and it responds to the thoughts and feelings you think into it. 

You cannot let your mind dwell on what you owe unless you want to create more debt. 

You must shift your thoughts away from fear and worry and boldly claim God is your instant supply, meeting all your financial needs now because shifting out from under a heavy load of debt, is going to take some spiritual muscle.

Yes, you must stop over-spending or abusing your finances in ways that create debt. And, you must express respect and gratitude for all that you do have.   

But let’s be clear, wealth IS first a state of mind, nothing more or less. Your wealth reflects your dominant state of mind. 

So, you must train your mind to believe that prosperity is not only possible for you but that it can be a way of life! 

Make some mental movies

Here’s a simple but effective process to activate the spiritual law of abundance so things begin to improve.  

  1. Start by getting the feeling of anxiety “out of you” where it lives in toxicity. 
  2. Make a list of all those to whom you owe money. 
  3. Write the exact amount you owe next to each name. 
  4. Take a moment to sit with your list in quiet reflection. 
  5. Whether you owe money to a person, or a credit card company, utility, car note, landlord, mortgage lender, bank, or even to all of these...in your imagination visit each creditor and see yourself making full payment. 
  6. See each person smile and say thank you and see a happy look on their face.
  7. Hear each one say to you that your credit has been restored. 
  8. See yourself walking to your mailbox or opening your email inbox and receiving notice that your account is now “paid in full.”
  9. See your monthly statement arriving reflecting a current balance of “zero.” 
  10. Repeat this mental movie once or twice a day with vivid feelings of joy and peace. 

When you feel a sense of relief, something very interesting takes place. 

As you do this process, let a deep sense of relief take hold. Feel the tension and anxiety dissolve out of you. 

The feeling of relief allows you to be in an “after-the-fact” state of mind “as if” the debt has already been paid; your problems are solved.  

Your resistance drops, your confusion drops, your apprehension drops. 

Rather than sitting idly by dwelling in fear, relief sends a very clear, very deliberate statement to the universe of the end result you want. 

Your relief from the negative dominance and movement to something more peaceful and positive, however slight, creates a green light for Spirit. 

It’s in this more peaceful state that the infinite intelligence of the universe can and will bring solutions to solve your debt. Solutions that are often far beyond what your rational mind could conceive, making them feel truly miraculous. 

As you conclude your time of quiet reflection, feel exceedingly happy that every creditor is paid now, and that you have stood aside and opened the way, maybe for the first time in your life, to relax, let go and let God’s power and abundance circulate freely in your life. 

Do this process over and over until you feel the tones of reality and, most importantly, the relief that all your bills are paid in full. 

Believe you can be prospered beyond your fondest dreams.

There was a woman in one of my classes who shared she had a mortgage balance on her home of $95,000. 

When she originated her loan many years before, her lender had “bundled” her loan with many other loans making the bundled package total many millions of dollars. The bundled package was then sold to another lender. 

Over the years, many of the loans in the package were paid off and the aforementioned bundle dwindled way down to only a few remaining loans. The lienholder did not want to incur any further time or cost managing the remaining loans so, the lien holder forgave all the remaining loans and closed the bundled account. 

The woman received notice that her loan of $95,000 had been dissolved. The lienholder asked her to contact them to obtain a reconveyance deed and; when she did, she filed it and owned her home free of any loan. 

How to Banish Anxiety Over Unpaid Bills 

Author, Dr. Joseph Murphy offers the following prayer to people who have been burdened with debts and with unpaid bills piling up.

He instructs anyone in debt to claim these spiritual truths joyously, lovingly and with the understanding that there is always a response in accordance with any prayer request you make.  

When anxious thoughts come to mind, never think of bills or lack or debts, but boldly give thanks for God’s abundance, and enter into the feeling of relief you will have when your obligations are paid in full. 

When the above process is followed faithfully, there is a reconditioning of your mind to wealth and well-being, and marvelous (often miraculous) results can and will follow.  

How to Banish Anxiety Over Unpaid Bills

God is the Source of my supply. I know when I am anxious I do not trust God. The money I now possess is magnified and multiplied a thousand-fold. I realize all the money I have is a symbol of the infinite riches of God. I turn to the Infinite Presence within, knowing in my heart and soul it opens the way for me to pay all my debts, leaving me a vast surplus. I surrender a list of all these debts into the hands of the Heavenly Father, and I give thanks they are all paid in Divine order. God’s riches are circulating in my life and I rejoice and am exceedingly glad that every creditor is paid now, and God prospers me beyond my fondest dreams. I believe that I have received now, and I know that according to my faith it is done unto me. I know God will rain blessings from heaven for me now. 


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