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Divine Love Prayer Treatment

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

Here is a Divine Love Prayer Treatment to invoke the highest and best energy for joy and happiness, health and healing, harmony, peace and prosperity.  If you will use this powerful Prayer Treatment daily for the next 30 days, you will experience a delightful change within yourself and in your life.  It is truly life-transforming.   


When I say "use," I mean to speak this prayer treatment audibly with feeling.  You will also find it effective to speak one or two statements and then meditate upon them silently.  This prayer treatment practice was shared with me by Rev. John W. Adams from Golden Key Ministry. http://www.goldenkeyministry.com/  In the Golden Key practice you turn the Golden Key, by turning away from problems and difficulties and turning within to God. 


During this 30-day period, while you practice the Divine Love Prayer Treatment, instead of thinking about challenges, invite Divine Love to have Its way in your mind, body, life and finances.  Divine Love is God and God always knows how to do everything just right. 


Divine Love is the highest frequency of the Law of Attraction.  The more Love you generate and radiate, the happier, healthier, more peaceful and prosperous you are.  Divine Love will heal any kind of relationship.  It will make you divinely irresistible.  If you desire a loving companion, Divine Love is your golden key to attracting the right person for you.


Divine Love will heal your body.  By using this prayer treatment, you set up a supremely positive vibration so that dis-ease cannot remain in your body, and every cell will vibrate with great healing energy.


Divine Love will prosper your financial affairs.  The more you radiate love, the easier it is for people to interact positively with you and for you to attract money in abundance.  Money goes where it knows it is loved and appreciated.  It loves to fulfill your desires for riches when you vibrate with and radiate, Divine Love.  It simply cannot resist you! 


For the next 30 days, faithfully speak this powerful Divine Love Prayer Treatment and you'll be delighted with the results! I recommend you print it out and keep it handy for daily use. Invite others to join with you.  You may also speak this prayer treatment for loved ones. 


This prayer treatment is part of the continuing blessings from Spiritual Growth Studio to provide loving content to nourish your soul.  In appreciation, you are invited to support our ministry . If you’d like to share an offering, please click here.  Thank you!


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