Destination Unknown

spirituality Aug 11, 2019

Have you left a job, a home, a marriage without knowing where you were headed next? 

It can feel funny, uncertain, fearful, joyful, or all of these when heading into the unknown, especially if you are thrust into the change unexpectedly.  

I have found when I sink deeply into the grace of a new beginning… no one knows what that desire is or how to fulfill it better than the Spirit of God within me. 

And, if I open myself to do what I call “free-fall” on Spirit, any change can be a time when my deepest desires can be unleashed and fulfilled. 

The same is true for you!  

Spirit can move freely in your circumstances when you no longer arm-wrestle God to be in control. 

When you have no idea where you are going or what to do next, you are in a unique place of vulnerability that creates a marvelous opening for Spirit to work in your circumstances in very profound and powerful ways. 

Your job (my job) in these experiences is to:

  • Stay as open and humble as possible. 
  • Stay alert to what is showing up. 
  • Try your best to say an enthusiastic “yes” to what comes your way.

Unfurl yourself into the grace of a new beginning.

When I resigned from the ministry where I served fourteen years; I headed across country to a yet unknown new life. I was headed back “home” to be near family...but the rest was still undefined. 

Here is how Spirit guided and supported me.  

I first wanted to take some time off to rest and renew. Spirit understood this perfectly because I was gifted two weeks in a luxurious condo in Jamaica. I said yes and felt renewed... check.

While basking in the sunshine beside brilliant blue waters on a white sandy beach, I missed two of the worst ice storms in decades back in my hometown…oh yes…check. 

When I returned from Jamaica, my home sold quickly, in the dead of winter, for a price much higher than I thought possible…yes, thank you…check.  

My household goods were transferred to thirty days of free storage while I meandered across the USA enjoying all its beauty... oh boy!…check.

Driving 3,000+ miles, gasoline prices were the lowest in decades… hallelujah!... check.

I arrived at my family’s home where I stayed temporarily while deciding on a more permanent place. Time to catch up with family…a loving yes! ...check. 

Surrounding new beginnings there are always exciting possibilities.

With this change, I made a deliberate decision to do what author John O’Donohue suggested in, Bless the Space Between Us

 “In the midst of change we unfurl ourselves into the grace of the new beginning that is at one with our life’s desire.”

You don’t have to look too closely to see the designer signature of God in every offering that was presented to me. From the tiniest detail like low gasoline prices to bigger things like a quick sale of my home, Spirit opened the way for my journey to be easy, joyful, and safe. 

O’Donohue again encourages, 

“Surrounding new beginnings there are always exciting possibilities.  A new beginning is fiercely free of the grip of the past.”

I would add, when you align with Spirit, a new beginning is fiercely free of “what if’s” about the future and “what could have been” about the past. 

What’s the best way to move forward when you don’t know what lies ahead?   

Learn to live in the dynamic combination of Mindset + Spirit-set. 

1. Declare there is a divine plan for your life. Spirit knows the good that awaits you. Unexpected change offers the opportunity to follow a new path.   

Affirm: I am in stride with the upward progressive movement of life, Spirit’s mark of success is upon me!

 1. Listen deeply. Recognize when a great moment knocks on the door of your life, its sound is often no louder than the beating of your heart.

2. Stay open. Remind yourself that surrounding a new beginning there are always exciting possibilities. 

Affirm: New doors of good are now open to me, with a confident Spirit I go forward to a life of happiness, security and success!

3. Trust. When change comes, let your soul run free in the adventure of new frontiers.    

4. Have the courage to live the life you love and don’t waste your heart on fear anymore. 

Today I bless you. Whatever change you are facing right now, trust Spirit is with you, guiding you unerringly and joyfully to the fulfillment of exciting new dreams! 

Drop me a note and let me hear about your marvelous, magnificent outcomes! 


Stay blessed, 



In touch with the divine:
If you want to go deeper with today’s spiritual insight, take note of what word or phrase stands out to you. Be still for a moment throughout the day and feel its influence within you.



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