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Courage to Leave Your Comfort Zone

faith Sep 22, 2020

Are you someone who wants to be perfect the first time you try anything; or you at least want to master it in three easy lessons?   

Do you not have any hobbies because you can’t “just try” something or do it “just for fun?”  

Are you easily embarrassed, shy or intimidated in groups, terrified if you have to try something new?

Once when taking dance lessons, I noticed how differently the students entered into the experience of learning to dance.  

The classes were held in a skating rink and the floor was full. About 150 people were taking lessons, and there were all different skill levels.

I noticed how some people:

  • would only sit on the side and watch.
  • others watched the lessons for a few weeks and then mustered up the courage to try.
  • still others danced only with their partner and would not change to practice with someone else when the instructor asked the group to rotate to the next person.

Oh. . . but I can assure you the extroverts were out in full force!   

As I observed the reactions to learning to dance, I thought about other new things we might be afraid of.  

Some new things we try may involve risk-taking like zip lining, tandem parachute jumping, bungee jumping; and it’s advisable to make careful consideration about your choices, skill level, and and personal safety.  

But what about trying a new behavior? How about trying:

  • a healthier diet
  • striking up a conversation with a stranger in the grocery check-out line
  • offering an apology, or forgiving someone?  

Could you find value in stepping out of your comfort zone, so you were free to step into life in more powerful ways?  

Would you like to take hold of something that will set you free to try new things?   

Here is one way I have found to blast myself out of fear of trying something new. I ask myself:

Can I be willing to be bad enough…until I can get better.

This involves letting myself be vulnerable, doesn’t it? This means I may have to let others see me perhaps being clumsy or feeling or looking nervous or awkward.  

In the story of Peter walking on water Matthew 14:22-33, when Peter stepped out of the boat he most certainly stepped out of his comfort zone. He blew past any of his “what if’s.” “How can I?” “I couldn’t possibly.” “I’m too embarrassed.” “What will the other disciples think?” “What if I fail?” “I can’t swim, what if I drown?” Peter blew past all that and…tried!      

He didn’t enroll in water-walking lessons first. He didn’t google how to do it. He didn’t read scientific journals about water, gravity, flotation, buoyancy. He didn’t enter into paralysis through analysis and remain frozen in the boat.  

He stepped out in faith to do something he’d never tried before.  

Be willing to be bad enough until you can get better!

I like to remind myself: Faith without nerve is dead!   

This month try something you’ve never done before, and have fun doing it!


Sending you the courage to try!



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