Break Through Beliefs for Wild Success

Uncategorized May 19, 2020

The second module in my upcoming masterclass, EPIC Prosperity, is called “Break Through Beliefs for Wild Success.” 

I put the concept of belief right up front because we often think we do not have strong enough belief to manifest what we genuinely want.

In this blog post, I want to preview a mantra from EPIC Prosperity that you can use anytime to strengthen your belief muscle.

It is particularly powerful when you are really busy, feeling doubtful, or you just do not know what to do in some situation.

The mantra is, "My perfect life is unfolding before me.”

When you turn within and repeat this mantra, you partner with Spirit and send a message that you welcome clear guidance and support.

The often the surprising result is a great welling up of belief that you feel within you.

When you really take a stand in God as the one presence, power, love, life, and healer; there is  an “answering response” that stirs within you. 

You feel a new belief that is stronger and more certain than any you have known before. With this belief comes your solution, often in ways that can be truly astonishing!   

We all have times when to rally the belief to keep on keeping on seems like too much. Yet it is not belief that interferes with our success...but un-belief. 

If you feel your faith needs a power-boost, take this mantra very seriously. Say it throughout your day. Silently repeat it in meditation. Open your journal and write about how it makes you feel to really take hold of the belief:


My perfect life is unfolding before me.


If you want more direct guidance from me, very soon I will be launching my new masterclass, EPIC Prosperity. The lessons will help you rid yourself of doubt, fret, and worry; and I will share one of my all-time favorite spiritual methods for building belief.

For now, sink the tap root of your heart deeply into your divine identity and affirm: My perfect life is unfolding before me.


 P.S. Whatever you ask for in prayer with faith, you will receive. Matthew 21:22


In touch with the divine:
If you want to go deeper with today’s spiritual insight, take note of what word or phrase stands out to you. Be still for a moment throughout the day and feel its influence within you.

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