Basketball Pros Do This And Prosper

spiritual principles Aug 04, 2019


I’m friends with a former pro basketball player, Aaron Johnson, who started his career in the NBA and then played pro basketball in the European league for 20 years. Now, owner of Ball Beyond in Philadelphia, he trains young athletes for success. 

He shared that during his career, he practiced perfecting his game both on and off the court.  

He trained physically on the court for hours, guarding, blocking and throwing the ball to successfully make shots and; when off the court, in moments of quiet concentration, he also trained by shooting perfect shots mentally in his mind. 

He creates the same training for his young athletes today as he offers them a very important key practice for achieving success in anything: 


Go into the “gymnasium of your mind” and shoot some hoops!

He’s absolutely right about his practice. You see, deep within, you have spiritual abilities so powerful that once accessed, you’ll be able to assist your desires in moving out of the invisible realm, where they live in your mind and heart; into visible, physical form in your life. 

You have within you a Spiritual Principle of Imagination, the picturing power of your mind, that can break through any challenge you face, even if things feel hopeless.

At the moment you may feel that you are without options or opportunities. You may believe you don’t have any connections, or enough  courage, faith, health, or money. 

You may think you are not...

  • tough enough to beat an illness 
  • smart enough to be the boss
  • lucky enough to find true love
  • rich enough to travel the world
  • secure enough to speak up
  • organized enough to finish the project

But you can develop the Spiritual Power of Imagination to build your Mindset + Spirit-set connection in a way that empowers you to walk right out of these or any limiting beliefs and transform your life from mediocrity into magnificence.  

It does require some “practice,” some discipline on your part...and an understanding of how to use the picturing power of your mind to support successful manifestation. But the moment you begin to take the steps that activate prosperity creation, your whole situation will begin to improve. 

And... it’s not magic. It’s not rocket science. It’s spiritual law...the Spiritual Law of Imagination, which can be applied and proven by you!   

Here’s the key to how it works: You want to train yourself to picture what you do want in a constructive way, so you don’t unconsciously picture what you don’t want in a destructive way. 

Right now, I invite you to go into the gymnasium of your mind to shoot some hoops for a better life.  

Quiet your mind, let go of any attachment to your current circumstances, and concentrate on the power, wisdom, and love of the Spirit of God within you. 

See and feel this powerful presence moving in and through your life. See and feel it using an infinite organizing power to perfect that which concerns you. Let it use divine love to heal and harmonize your situation.    

Next, envision your actual physical, material life. Shoot some hoops of you winning at work, winning in your relationships, winning with your health and “scoring” big in your finances.  

“Slam dunk” that job interview or request for a pay raise. 

See yourself take and make a “3-point shot” resolving a long-standing concern or completing a project, meaning you score successfully on the possibility that seemed to be such a long way off.  

See yourself make the “winning” game shot! 

The potential to prosper is available to everyone, including you! 

Instead of feeling as if you’re at the mercy of people, conditions, employers, fate or finances activate one of the greatest success powers within you... your very own Spiritual Power of Imagination that perfectly blends your Mindset + Spirit-set connection.  

Put an end to the frustration, insecurity, and sometimes the powerlessness you feel by using the picturing power in your mind. 

Envision your life as you want it to be. Rehearse your beautiful life in your mind over and over, seeing and feeling in detail, what you want to achieve. 

As you do this, you will be strengthening your faith and belief muscle, you’ll be building a Mindset + Spirit-set way of living and, that my friend, is bound to create a championship result!  


In touch with the divine:
If you want to go deeper with today’s spiritual insight, take note of what word or phrase stands out to you. Be still for a moment throughout the day and feel its influence within you.


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