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Are Your False Beliefs About Healing Keeping You Sick?

spiritual practices Jun 02, 2019

Here Are 3 Shocking Truths You Need To Know.

I’m about to tell you something about healing you may not believe at first.

And if you’ve had your share of fear and frustration, even desperation, about getting well and staying well, you’re probably going to be a little skeptical. Okay, maybe a LOT skeptical. 

But you can no longer let a diagnosis, or achy symptoms, or diminished capacity, or fear, or family history, or internet research about how an illness has traditionally responded to treatment, cause you to make some common and dangerous assumptions about healing.

 I say “dangerous” because they are false truths, and if you believe them, it can be nearly impossible to get well.


Reality Check... It’s time to get real.

 It’s time for you to open your mind to the very real possibility that you can get well and stay well.

Yes, an illness may be 100% with you and; I completely understand why you might think you have no control over whether or not you can get well. 

But when you assume your body is too ill to recover, too old to regain vibrant health, or you believe that’s just the way the body ages, or there’s something wrong with you for which there is no known cure... you’re working from a limited human perspective. 

None of that is true. Here’s Why... 


Why Your False Beliefs Are Causing Your Illness

When you’ve been ill for a long time, it’s hard to fully detox from the pain and suffering. You carry it around with you, maybe even unconsciously.  You über-analyze every ache, pain, or symptom. You judge by how bad it looks and what the tests report. You blow things out of proportion. You don’t trust what the doctors tell you.


The 3 Shocking Truths About Healing

 Let’s get right to it...

When you experience a harmful accident, receive a “big” medical diagnosis, or suffer with a so-called “chronic” illness, your body and your psyche will store the “trauma” of that event.

You have to deliberately release the shock so your healing can begin. You must turn your thoughts away from the illness and toward life and health, and yes, even toward God.

Step #1 Release the Shock. The fastest way to do this is to simply say to yourself: “I release the shock.” You’ll immediately make an energetic shift that puts your body at ease so healing can begin.       

 Step #2 Forget this “fight for your life” stuff.  All healing takes place in a peaceful state of mind. Yes, you may have to get angry to drive out some toxic emotions but; you must eventually move into a feeling of peace and relaxation to regain your health. 

 Step #3 Transcend. Your body is created and sustained by God. Let this spiritual power flow in and through you, enlivening every organ, action, and function in your body restoring you to vibrant health.  


How empowering will it feel to take deliberate steps to regain your health?

Affirm: When I choose peace, I am free from anxiety, stress and fear

and I make a positive impact on my health.


The lessons in the monthly membership, Spiritual Growth Studio, can help you shift to a new paradigm of healing.  You’ll find a collection of spiritual content with the power to transform how you think about your body and about getting well.   

In the two-part video lesson, The Prosperity of Healing Life, I reveal more spiritual truths to help you restore your physical well-being. Chances are, they are NOT what you’ve believed up until now. But give them a try.

I can’t wait to share with you all the things that will make your health and well-being so much better for you.


Warmest wishes and much love, 


 p.s. Begin right now to feel relief and let healing begin to take place in your body.  


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