Are Worries and Fear Looming Large?

Uncategorized May 07, 2020


Several of you have emailed me that the Covid-19 experience has you feeling stressed out and afraid about your future.

 You tell me you feel there are so many factors beyond your control, and you want to use your spiritual tools to take control of everything you possibly can in order to feel safe and secure again.

 You say your prayers these days are intense and; you are using your manifestation skills to command the universe to return things to normal and give you the results you want.   

 And rather than co-creating your reality with Spirit from a calm, peaceful place; it seems to me you’re describing what I call manic manifesting.

 Manic manifesting is really common in times of seeming big challenges; but it is a major block to allowing Spirit to move easily in your life to bring you what you need and want.   

In today’s post, I am sharing 3 steps to help you stop manic manifesting and start allowing!


  1. First, use your time of “sheltering in place” to shelter in the sabbath of your soul. There is a reason we are being asked to “stay inside.” Spirit is asking us to turn within so we can practice the Presence of God. Practicing the Presence of God merely consists of keeping God in the forefront of your consciousness as much of the time as you can. 
  2. When you have a concern, bring it into the Presence and ask God to solve it for you. Do not struggle with it or turn it over in your mind, but place it lovingly in God’s hands.   
  3. Lastly free yourself from thinking about it. If all concerns stem from the human mind, allow your mind to fall into quiet so you leave behind stress. Once you have given the concern over to God, you have nothing more to do because you have brought the all-providing power of God to bear upon your needs.


If you turn within for your fulfillment, you will succeed. Your problem will be solved from within. That which is hidden will be revealed. That which is lacking will be supplied.

In the next few weeks I will be completing and launching my new masterclass ~ EPIC Prosperity! I feel really good about it and all the ways it will help you continue to build a consciousness of lasting abundance, so you never worry about any kind of downturn again.

Watch for details in the upcoming days. Until then,

Stay healthy, safe, and blessed!


P.S. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him, and he will act. Psalm 37:5


 In touch with the divine:
If you want to go deeper with today’s spiritual insight, take note of what word or phrase stands out to you. Be still for a moment throughout the day and feel its influence within you.

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