An Essential If You Want To Be Healed

Uncategorized Oct 06, 2019

Today I want to share with you a state of mind that is essential for healing to take place.

You can use it to heal anything in your life: an illness, injury, a broken relationship, a failing business, or your finances. 


The key is to:

Turn your attention within, become still, and enter into a feeling of peace.


Those who do not understand this will try to change outer circumstances without first changing their inner awareness.  But all power, all strength, all healing come from a state of peace within you.

The trouble is, when facing an illness, most people become worried, anxious, fearful, discouraged or depressed. Their condition becomes an obsession and they cannot think of anything else. They do not realize that this constant negative state of mind is the very thing that perpetuates the problem. 

By shifting your focus from thoughts of illness to thoughts of life and the Spirit within, you create movement toward wholeness. 

Choose the statement that best fits your circumstance. Practice this affirmation to quiet your mind so you move into a place of silence and stillness that will open the way to receive healing.   


  • All power and all strength come from the silence and stillness. My mind is at peace and my body is healed.


  • All power and all strength come from the silence and stillness. My mind is at peace and my marriage is healed.


  • All power and all strength come from the silence and stillness. My mind is at peace and my finances are healed. 


Mystical power

You get the idea. You must lift your thoughts and feelings above the appearance of the condition into the realm of Spirit.  There you transcend any fear, anger, regret, mistakes, family history, internet data, how an illness has traditionally responded to treatment...and you enter into the peace that is God.

It’s in this realm, the space beyond the human condition where the illness presents itself, that you connect with the wholeness of the divine. 

Charles Fillmore, co-founder of Unity wrote:

“Mystical power neither acts upon nor originates from the human realm.

The outcome of your difficulty depends entirely on your Mindset + Spirit-set

It is the combination of your Mindset + Spirit-set that determines your outcome. 

If you try to heal using a positive mindset alone, you may achieve a positive outcome, but you may also have to do a lot of human efforting to gain your results. When you consciously add a spiritual element, you are no longer trying to do it all on your own but; you have put yourself in cooperation with Spirit, an ever-present power ready to assist you.

The true secret of all power, all success, all healing

When healing an illness, the combination of Mindset + Spirit-set not only determines how, and which way your healing will come, but the speed with which the condition will be met. 

Apply the spiritual principles of life and health from an inner awareness of peace and then persistently building them into your being. 

Reverse every negative thought the instant it appears.  Give no attention to worry, fear, failure, delay, doubt, disappointment, despair, misfortune, uncertainty or bad luck.

Do not get upset when things do not initially turn out as expected; do not expect the worst when things go wrong. When setbacks come, meet them with the conviction that they are only temporary.

Let your Spirit hold tightly to Paul’s statement, “None of these things move me.” Acts 20:24. Maintain a feeling that will awaken and bring out the best in you. Your mind has the power to follow any pattern you give to it so, give it a pattern of vibrant health. 

Imagine your physical body filled with the healing, loving light of God. Give over to God all that may concern you and envision each cell of your body renewed. Gratefully accept and affirm that every cell of your being is alive with the energy of God.


Healing Affirmation: I give thanks that every cell of my body is alive with the energy of God!

You are a magnificent, dynamic expression of the living Spirit of God.


There is a life-force flowing in and through you every moment, enlivening every part of you. It makes no difference how poorly things may be going in the outer, your task is to keep things going right within you.

Right now, you can turn within to the life-sustaining presence of the divine and; in a state of peace, you can receive your healing. 


Stay blessed,



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In touch with the divine:
If you want to go deeper with today’s spiritual insight, take note of what word or phrase stands out to you. Be still for a moment throughout the day and feel its influence within you.

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