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A Place Prepared for You

spirituality Jan 14, 2020

Here is a beautiful piece to start your New Year filled with the assurance that there is a wonderful place prepared for you. I love reading this over and over and I hope that you will too. 

As you read through it, feel deeply in your heart and soul this place that has been prepared for you. 

Quietly speak the affirmation two or three times and; then be still for a minute or two and envision your life as you would love it to be.

I am in stride with the upward, progressive, movement of life; Spirit’s mark of success is upon me!

Do this daily for seven days and you will establish a firm foundation for this wonderful place to come quickly into your life.  

Have a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!

A Place Prepared for You

Adapted from All Things Made New by Frances Foulks.

In the Father’s plan a place has been prepared for you, a place that was prepared for you in the beginning of your ways.

Before you came forth from the spiritual realm the Father’s loving heart prepared for your coming here, prepared bountifully for you in all your journeying.

God established peace, joy, strength, love, wisdom, and abundance as a foothold for each step on the journey of your life where you might resort to in times of stress to meet God face to face, and then go forth to your work again poised, renewed, and courageous.

This place is always available to you. It is yours now. It is a place of love and harmony that contains everything needed for your growth and for your most joyful and productive living.

In the place that the Father has prepared for you, there is waiting for you . . .

  • just the work you need to do to come into a consciousness that leads to effortless success
  • just the surroundings needed to make your soul rejoice
  • just the associates you can encourage by sharing your Spirit
  • just the service you can give for the elevation of humankind
  • just the opportunities you need to grow in power, wisdom, and love
  • just the inspiration you need to cause you to take your next step upward

To occupy this place you must prepare for it.

  • Strive to become conscious of the Spirit within so you may wipe from your conscious and subconscious mind all negative thoughts carried over from other places you have occupied.
  • Forgive any remembrance of failures, injustice, incompetency, resentment, doubts, and fears; as well as all unremembered work that you should have done but left undone.
  • Become empty of self-sufficiency, of self-glory, and let Spirit work through you.    
  • Put away analytical reasonings, and open to a higher realm of guidance. 
  • Judge no more according to appearances, but keep your inner eye single to the good and your faith steadfast.
  • Sink your will into the will of the Highest, that you may learn to fully trust and not miss, through your own willfulness, the way to the place prepared for you.

The present place you occupy is all that you have yet conceived. To come into possession of the place that the Father has prepared for you, to occupy a more harmonious place, a more productive and more beautiful place, you must conceive this new place within you. Establish within you the harmony and success you desire to have manifest in your outer life. 

  • Turn your vision higher until there is no beam in your eye to obstruct you from seeing the good prepared for you.
  • Fill your thought-world with harmonious and loving thoughts.
  • Let yourself be tolerant, patient, and joyous.
  • Learn to be a generous dispenser of the Father’s love and substance.
  • Do graciously and with gladness whatever your hands find to do, giving full measure in all your service.
  • Learn to be a receptive channel, and receive graciously.

This is how you prepare to travel to the place the Father has prepared for you.

May you be filled with wisdom, strength and love, sufficient to make the occupancy of this place reflective of your true purpose and most authentic life.


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