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You Deserve to Prosper

prosperity Jun 16, 2020

Today I want to share an excerpt from my upcoming masterclass EPIC Prosperity!

I’m counting down the days till its release because; I'm so excited to share the spiritual principles of prosperity that will help you build a consciousness of abundance to manifest your most amazing life. 

It is Spirit’s desire for you to experience peace, love, health, and plenty, not to ‘eek’ by with a meager existence. 

Let’s reason it out.

  1. You believe you deserve to be healthy, don’t you? When you are sick, you have no problem immediately praying for increased health do you?
  2. When your relationship hits a speed bump, don’t you immediately ask for greater love?
  3. You don’t feel unworthy of good health or love, do you?
  4. Does it feel greedy, selfish, or wrong praying for health or for love?
  5. How then when you experience lack can it be wrong to pray for prosperity?


Can you see that it is spiritually right for you to be prosperous just as it’s spiritually right for you to have vibrant health and loving relationships?

There is no reason any more to talk down your desires or feel guilty, unworthy, selfish, or greedy about wanting to prosper.

Prosperity is a planned result.

You build it by directing the spiritual power in your desire for prosperity just the same as you do for love and health.

EPIC Prosperity! will help you understand the importance of living in alignment with your spiritual power in every area of your life.

More than dabbling in a spiritual practice when it feels convenient, you’ll learn to connect with a spiritual force that loves you and that you can rely on.

I don’t want your spiritual life compartmentalized and kept separate from your day-to-day experiences.

I want to show you how to attract what you desire and create a life filled with purpose, happiness, abundance, and peace.

I want you to feel secure and free.

Affirm ~ I am the architect of my life and the sculptor of my dreams. All my desires are fueled and fulfilled by the power of Spirit!



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