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Reengineering Your Dream Job after Covid-19

spiritual practice Jun 02, 2020

I see this all the time. People want to earn more money, especially doing work they love... but a few big things hold them back. 

But now that millions have been thrust into unemployment and changed circumstances, why not take this opportunity to leave behind what has been holding you back? Why not accept this experience as a challenge to do something new? 

Securing and optimizing a prosperous life starts with your connection to the unchanging, spiritual power that resides within you.

Isn’t it time to free yourself from dependence on external conditions and human efforts alone so you activate the transformational power of Spirit?

Take a look at Irene’s process.

In 2008 Irene was downsized for a second time out of a high-paying corporate job. She was ashamed of being jobless again, felt defeated by the recession, and had a tremendous amount of anxiety around money.

Irene wasn’t super spiritual at the time, but in the midst of so much fear and uncertainty she stopped in mid-week at a neighborhood church where she met the minister who supported her in prayer.

Irene learned the minister was just starting the church and needed volunteer support. The minister had great pastoral skills but was short on administrative skills which Irene had in spades.

The minister suggested that if Irene wanted to volunteer, she could provide her a place to feel a sense of purpose while she looked for a new job.

She suggested Irene could come to the church every day; and the minister promised to keep her so busy that she’d never have time to feel lonely or depressed. She could get up, get dressed, and be around happy people excited about their work. And, she could take all the time she needed for job interviews.

Irene agreed and instantly felt a weight lift off of her. Every day she set up files, ordered supplies, organized volunteers and went on interviews as they came up. She felt energized and happy.

After six weeks’ time she was hired into a new job that was closer to her home, paid more money, and involved work she loved. 

When Irene became willing to step out of fear and anxiety and shift her consciousness to a realization of trust in a power higher than her human efforts alone; it counter-acted her fears so powerfully that all the forces of the universe rushed in to give her the success she was seeking. 

Can you see the value in building a consciousness that will reengineer your dream job?

There are 3 major blocks to your abundance.

In my upcoming EPIC Prosperity Masterclass, in Module 3, Excuses Be Gone! I share with you the spiritual principle of release and show you how to rise up out of the excuses that block your abundance so there will be no limit to what you can achieve.   

For now, set an intention to have a job where your heart is full of love and your energy high. See your employment situation exactly what you’ve always dreamed of. Let your mind and heart go to work to create the job that has been your heart’s desire all along.

Discover the power within you to manifest the healthy, prosperous, stress-free life you deserve.



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