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Welcome to Spiritual Growth Studio!

Get started today on this spirit-awakening journey to change your life for the better forever! Whatever your vision for your life, Spiritual Growth Studio is here to provide you with something that will enrich you, bring you joy, and keep you coming back.

It is our joy and honor to serve you through this on-line, spiritual learning center for awakening your Spirit. We look forward to meeting you here often.

Our mission is to empower you to improve your life by sharing universal spiritual principles that deepen your mind-body-spirit connection. You are here to lead a full and happy life. Your sense that there is something greater than the physical world you see, and the feeling of connection to something bigger than yourself is a universal human experience – something that touches us all. But spirituality means something different to everyone. Spiritual Growth Studio leads you on a journey to discover the inherent spiritual power, beauty and perfection within you so you live the truly exceptional life you were born to live. This high point is not difficult to reach. It unfolds in a very natural and elegant way as you learn the principles that have a heart-opening, consciousness-expanding effect.

The teachings we offer are not new. They have been used throughout the ages, by thousands of people, from all over the world, in all walks of life, and in every faith tradition to elevate all areas of living to the extraordinary. What we do at Spiritual Growth Studio is merge the wisdom teachings of the ancient masters with a modern-day, insightful, spiritual interpretation. This unique blend of Eastern and Western spirituality brings the teachings to life and offers a remarkable opportunity to optimize your spiritual growth in positive and practical ways. Think of it as an ancient age speaking with the current age offering continued evolution for personal growth and expansion of consciousness.

As you spend time in the studio, you’ll be led through spirit-awakening work that instills a way of thinking, feeling, living and being that will not only alleviate fear, worry, lack, sickness and suffering but; it will open the way for health, wealth, happiness and true peace of mind to be fulfilled in every part of your life. You’ll feed your Spirit in ways that truly satisfy and; you’ll regain faith, hope and optimism. You’ll recapture belief in universal goodness for all, available to all, as you see how the divine inhabits every portion of existence throughout the entire universe. Most importantly, you’ll experience conscious connection with the divine through prayer and meditation gaining the capacity to positively transform your life and circumstances.

Our lessons vary widely in subject matter but all share a common thread of relaying spiritual ideas and methods so you gain the know-how of accomplishment to “Principle-ize your life” for profound personal transformation. We show you what each principle is designed to achieve, how it works, when to use it, and how you can apply it to achieve success in every area of your life. You’ll find simple, easy-to-follow methods that enable you to put into practice, at once, the art of living a life that thrives.

Abundant Blessings of Love,

Cherie Larkin

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Note: Spiritual Growth Studio is a religious, non-profit registered as Unity Prosperity Life Lab, an outreach ministry of Unity Worldwide Ministries, Unity Village, MO a 501(c)(3). We offer spiritual education and support as it relates to life issues. Cherie Larkin is an ordained Unity minister. She does not represent herself to be a licensed professional counselor, financial planner, psychiatrist, psychologist or a member of what could be considered any of the standard licensed medical or clinical helping professions. If you feel you have a circumstance serious enough to seek professional counseling, legal advice or medical intervention, please consult with a fully credentialed and licensed professional.

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