What can I do to increase my prosperity?

One question I’m frequently asked is, “What one thing can I do right now to be more prosperous?”

Where to begin to transform your life is a big question. You might be surprised that the starting place begins not with more things, but by clearing the way to receive.

Coffee maker extraordinaire

My friend has a beautiful, very expensive, gourmet coffee maker. However, it takes ten steps to make the coffee. I love great coffee, but not ten steps.

This machine has a multitude of choices that must be selected to brew the coffee. You must first select if you’re using coffee beans, coffee grounds, or if you want it to grind the beans. You choose the cup size, number of cups, or a full carafe. As fancy as it is, it doesn’t have a plate warmer, so you must boil water, fill the stainless Steele carafe to pre-heat it, let it warm, empty the boiling water and then let the coffee drip in.

The machine is noisy and; cleaning it… don’t even get me started.

It jammed once, and I tried to fix it. I got out the manual and, oh yes, twenty steps to unjam it. Unscrew this, lift that, find the hidden cleaning brush here, clean the shoot, remove and wash this piece, pour white vinegar through, follow that with two tanks of filtered water…Really?

I asked my friend why she doesn’t buy a regular coffee maker. She said it was a gift from her brother when he visited her from Italy. She didn’t want to get rid of it in case her brother visited again.

 Did I mention he has visited her two times in the last twenty years? Did I mention she rarely drinks coffee?

If something is not right for you, let it go

The coffee maker broke…because if something is not right for your life, if you don’t let it go, Spirit will find a way to move it out of your life.  Rather than get rid of it, she boxed it up, made a special trip to the post office, paid to send it back to the manufacturer and had it replaced. Last I checked, the replaced coffee maker is still sitting in the box, unopened in her garage.

If something is no longer of use to you, or was never right for you, whether you realize it or not, it is taking up space in your physical life and, more importantly, in your consciousness. Ask yourself if that space could be opened for something you truly love to find its way to you.

What can I do to increase my prosperity?

We must learn to let go of familiar things, worn out things, even new things, if they are not right for us. We must let go of our “accustomed” way of doing things when our forward progress demands it.

Life is progressive; it evolves. Spirit will update your life for ease, comfort, grace, and joy, bringing what fits your life wonderfully well now, if you don’t make it too hard for God.

So, let me ask you. Are you “symbolically” hanging on to an old coffee pot? What can you release to make room for your true good? 

You will find, in the study of spiritual laws of abundance, all contain a process of release. There is a letting go of the old to make way for the new. If you try to skip this step and try to hang on to your old: thoughts, feelings, beliefs, possessions; it will be difficult to transform your life.

Prepare to receive

What can I do to increase my prosperity? If you want to prosper, you must prepare a place to receive. Releasing things you no longer need or use, activates the spiritual law of circulation and increase.

Use this spiritual practice

Catherine Ponder recommends the spiritual practice of “creating a vacuum.” You start by creating an empty space into which some new good can flow. Whether that’s an empty space in your home or closet, your heart, or your thoughts; prepare a place where (like a magnet) your good can be drawn to you.

Be aware, divine substance does not flow easily into a cluttered, crowded situation, a cluttered mind, a hate-filled heart or a physically cluttered space. Prosperity does come quickly when a vacuum in formed. Don’t believe me? Just clean out your junk drawer, and watch how fast it fills up again without you doing a thing. You’ll witness first-hand how the universe can manifest things out of seeming nowhere!

Nothing can ever be lost through spiritual release

Instead, trust your true good is freer to move into your life. Learn to let go and make room for Spirit to move in and through you. Through spiritual release, you will magnetize yourself to greater good and see your prosperity steadily improve.

Here’s a great prayer to help you make room for prosperity in your life

Christ in me is my releasing power. Christ in me is my freeing power. Christ in me now frees me from all attachment to people, places and possessions of the past or present. I now release everything and everyone that is no longer part of the divine plan for my life. Everything and everyone no longer a part of the divine plan for my life now releases me. Christ in me manifests my true prosperity now!

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