get spiritually fit

Delve into universal spiritual principals to achieve a mindset for a life that thrives. Learn what each principle is designed to do, how it functions and how you can use it to influence your success. Advance in consciousness, firm up healthy thought patterns and deepen your mind, body, spirit connection.

  • a formula guaranteed to bring increase 
  • how to open unlimited supply
  • courage to leave your comfort zone
  • one thing spiritual law won’t tell you
  • weight loss - a spiritual plan for success
  • how to get over failure
  • decide to be cheerful
  • what plastic poker chips can teach you
  • how to stay out of debt
  • how to retire in prosperity
  • 7 ways to grow your business
  • prayer of persistence
  • stop bad spending habits with this detox
  • my story part 1: early beginnings
  • my story part 2: i wasn’t on my a-game
  • stop dwelling on it
  • how your silverware drawer can prosper you

inspiration on the go

Featured audio messages recorded “live” by Cherie. Feel like you are seated right in the audience in an intimate presentation of “vintage” yet timeless spiritual truth. Listen on the go or relax in your fav comfy spot and tune in.

  • your unhurtable spirit
  • god means this for good
  • your healing does not depend on time
  • the sacred feminine
  • take charge of your healing
  • happy mother’s day
  • love gives
  • rise above your flood of challenges
  • your power to choose the good
  • freedom for you
  • our legacy of healing
  • healing helps

spiritual insights

Stay up with the latest thoughts and happenings about living a spiritual life. There’s space for you to share your comments too!

  • can do this!
  • 13 ways to hit the reset button
  • do you want things to be different?
  • your initiation in love

new releases

A new lesson is added each month to keep your spiritual journey exciting and fresh. Positive, practical, inspirational and relevant wisdom you can apply to lead a full and happy life. Check-in here often.

  • 6 ways you may be sabotaging your good

prayer and meditation

Prayer and meditation are at the heart of advancing your life. Time spent in quiet reflection with the divine will vitalize and empower you for a wonderful life.

  • prayer for guidance
  • prayer for healing
  • prayer to grow your business
  • prayer for miraculous prosperity
  • prayer for weight loss
  • prayer to find your job

go deeper

Dynamic, engaging intensives for more in-depth understanding of a master teaching. Study spiritual symbolism and receive step-by-step instruction to develop the spiritual potential within you.

  • the prosperity of healing life
  • the battle is not yours
  • your long-held dream
  • the solution to your problem
  • pray ‘til something happens

life affirming thoughts

Your attitudes, words, actions and quality of life all start with a thought. Use these power-thought drills to build a mind set to positively influence every area of your life. Plus+ they feel good!

  • finding true love
  • power up your life
  • affirmations of abundance
  • body strength and vitality

case studies

Hear how real people use real principles to make real change and how you can do the same. Learn how your experiences can be positively influenced by spiritual principle to create amazing outcomes.

  • generosity plus+
  • desire - how it can prosper you
  • lose something valuable you want back?
  • work for free, are you kidding me?
  • how to sell your home quickly
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