A 4 part video series to help you tap into the unrestricted and unfailing supply of Spirit.

Stop living in lack and limitation and start living in abundance.

Grow your prosperity in love, freedom, peace and security today!

These Four Abundance-Builders
Will Help You:

  • End negative thinking
  • Break open a new way of living, being, and doing
  • Claim your good
  • Become the master of your circumstances
  • Live free of the whims of fate and chance
  • Live God's highest plan of good for your life

Here’s just some of what you’ll find in these
4 power-packed lessons:

Lesson 1: The Prosperity of Unrestricted Supply

Learn to draw on Spirit to fulfill all your needs

Lesson 2: The Prosperity of Right Use

Let go of habitual negative thinking and be empowered to claim your good

Lesson 3: The Prosperity of Adaptability

Uncover a secret mystical formula for ending any experience of lack

Lesson 4: The Prosperity of Daily Bread

Gain the steps that will open God's highest plan of good for your life


Audio Lesson: Giving Up the False For the True

Use this advanced spiritual practice to open abundance in every area of your life. Walk through the seven steps of forgiveness and condition your mind and heart for true success.

Prayer: I Choose to Expand in Love

Clear your heart so you open a pathway to abundance.

Get these 4 prosperity video lessons that will equip you you to live the life of your dreams.

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