Do you need to rekindle hope today?


Do you need to rekindle hope today?


Are you stressing out about something and you need to relax into the simplicity of childlike faith that things are going to work out okay?

Would it feel good to rekindle hope and beleif,  the kind you had as a child?


A simple belief


The word faith is one that has generally been thought to mean a simple form of belief based mostly on ignorance and superstition.

It’s a word that has drawn disdain from so-called “thinking people”…you know the ones. They believe that intellectual attainment is the highest form of knowledge. “Blind faith” they have called it, fit only for ministers, women and children but not a practical, provable thing on which to build your life.

These people have faith only in what they can see or what can be intellectually explained.


Hope put into words


The writer of Hebrews put  hope and faith into words when he said:

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1

In other words, your faith takes hold of what you hope for and brings it out from the invisible world of Spirit into the physical world of form.

What is seen is made from things that are not seen.” Hebrews 11:3.


Unimaginable good is ready and waiting for you


To prosper you must begin to understand that whatever you desire is already in the surrounding invisible spiritual essence that sources all creation.

The fact that you feel a specific desire means that it’s been established for you and is now making its way toward you to manifest in your life.

Hope keeps your desire alive and fuels it with the joy, excitement and expectation.

Faith is the power that gives it shape and form and draws it out from the invisible ralm into physical reality.

  • Let yourself be filled with wide-eyed hope, joy and wonder today
  • Believe in unlimited possibilities
  • Trust that things will work out for you in beautiful and divine ways

Release any stress-filled worry thoughts for a few minutes today. Let yourself feel the enormous relief that comes when you return to the innocence of a childlike hope and faith.


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