Decide Never to be Negative

Here’s a good commitment you can make for your New Year from

my friend, the late Dr. Robert Mueller

 Decide Never to be Negative

Replace negative thoughts

     and feelings

In your mind and heart

By happy, excellent,

Positive ones.


Eradicate negativism on

     All internal

     And external fronts.


Deny negativity

Avoid the pessimists

Do not bang your head

     Against the walls.

Climb them, fly over them,

     Circumvent them.

Always radiate positive currents

     Of light, goodness,

     Love, kindness,

     Hope and determination.


Since life is the antidote

     of death

Affirm life and ignore death.


Affirm your life even after death

Through the lasting effect

      of human ascent

Of your good deeds

Of your good thoughts

And of your overpowering love.