Book a Personal Prayer Session with Cherie Larkin


Talk over your concerns

Detox what’s troubling you

Let go of worry

Find some much-needed relief 

Gain perspective and peace of mind

Uncover a spiritual solution using a spiritual principle

Nourish your spirit

Feel hopeful again

Leave your concern with God 

Each session is 40 minutes via live video conference or by phone. 

There is a $197.00 honorarium paid in advance through PayPal. 

To receive a refund, a cancellation notice is required 24 hours in advance of any schedule appointment time.

Appointments are limited and can be booked on Monday’s or Friday’s between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm Pacific Standard time.   

To request an appointment, click the “Book Now” button and send an email with your name and email address. 

Book Now $197.00

Meet Cherie

Cherie Larkin, minister, teacher and spiritual mentor, is here to help you deepen your connection to the Spirit of God within you, so you live a beautiful life.

Serving, teaching, loving and inspiring others, for more than four decades, she has helped thousands discover the wonder of their inner-most being, so they live in greater peace, security, happiness and wellbeing.

An ordained Unity minister, she can help  you learn to apply universal  spiritual principles to your daily life. Her insights will equip you with the positive, practical, powerful faith to step into a spirit-led life where you accomplish great things.


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