3 things that can cause unanswered prayer

Are you frustrated waiting for an answer to your prayer? Does it feel like an answer is never going to arrive?

Many people block answers to their prayers by not understanding how the mind works. It’s important to remember whenever your subconscious mind accepts an idea, it immediately mobilizes all the mental and spiritual laws of your deeper mind and goes to work to fulfill your desire.

This is true for good or bad ideas. If you plant a negative idea, it will bring trouble, failure or unhappiness. On the other hand, the right answer is inevitable when your thoughts are positive, constructive and loving.

So, the one thing you must do to receive an answer to your prayer is to get your subconscious mind to accept your idea by feeling its reality now. Turn over your prayer in faith and confidence and your subconscious mind will take over to do the rest.  But wait…head’s up…there are…3 things that can cause unanswered prayer

Be gentle in your prayer process because one of the principle reasons for unanswered prayer may surprise you.

It is very difficult for Spirit to answer you when you are trying too hard or making too much effort.

Check out these 3 things that can cause unanswered prayer

  1. First, trying to use mental coercion.

Yes, we use our mind to connect with Spirit. But, nothing in Spirit responds to coercion. Spirit responds to flow not force. It responds to your faith and conscious mind acceptance.

Mental coercion or too much effort shows anxiety and fear which block your answer. Cut out all the complicated anxiety and strain. You don’t need to use will power or determined force either.

Learn to imagine a positive outcome. Maintain a simple, childlike, miracle-making faith. Picture yourself without the problem. Imagine the emotional accompaniment of the happiness, peace and freedom you crave.  

  1. Your failure to get results may also come from bad-mouthing your situation.

There is power in your spoken word to mold and create your life. If you say things like: “Things are getting worse,” “I will never get an answer.” “I see no way out.” “It’s hopeless.” “I don’t know what to do.” “I’m so confused.” When you make those kind of statements, you shut off any response from Spirit, or worse yet, create negative outcomes.  

  1. Lastly, to use mental force presupposes there is opposition.

Mental force presupposes that somehow God cannot hear you or get an answer to you, or that you must break down some barrier to get results.  It presupposes that your problem is bigger than your God. When your mind is concentrated on a positive solution, it is no longer concerned with the obstacle. When there is no longer any obstacle in your mind, your prayer will be answered.  

Easy does it.

  • Do not be concerned with the how, when or where but know the positive result of answered prayer.
  • Get into the happy feeling of the solution to your problem whether it is health, finances, harmony in a relationship, or employment.
  • Turn to the desired outcome and rest in a deep sense of conviction that you have your answer.
  • Recall how you felt when you achieved a happy outcome to some previous problem, no matter how small the overcoming.
  • Keep that happy feeling in mind because it is your touchstone of connection to Spirit and; Spirit is empowered to accomplish by your love.   

The Bible says, “Whatsoever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.”

The answer to your prayer must be felt in a finished state, not the future, but as existing now, because it does exist now in Spirit.

To believe is to accept something as true, or to live in a state of being it. As you sustain this happy, satisfied mood, you will experience the joy of the answered prayer. Give it a try!

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Many blessings!